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save - focus on canvas

A text-painter, with color coming (primarily) from 4 possible images.
Try painting a grid, reducing the size, and painting again!

UP/DOWN - change text size
LEFT/RIGHT - change amount of "jitter" (random offset for painting)
a - toggle AutoPaint (on/off)
1,2,3,4 - change color-source image stored as square "001.jpg" etc, in the data folder
g - paint a grid of text covering entire screen
m/M - change paint Mode (the default mode takes color from images)
r - random size mode
s - save
x - change black/white mode. mostly applies to alternate paint modes, or clearing screen
DELETE - clear screen; sets to white/black depending upon black/white mode (default: black)

Source code: ImageTexter - More Web Sketches - Built with Processing and Processing.js