to prepairs disapprecious WANK

'r' to (re)generate

2013.02.12 uses a markov engine modified from Edde Addad's charNG code. It tries to avoid repetition, but can end up in some long loops due to a poor implementation of that logic. Takes a handful of query-params to change engine type, ngram-length, and switch between one of 3 source texts. I would rather the chunks wrap on line-endings, but need to do more display tweaks....
Query params include:
  • engine={markov|cento|overlap} to specify the engine (defaults to markov)
  • ngram={1..n} for length
  • content={raw|material|test|[user-provided-text]} for three different text sources (defaults to raw).
sample link: 017.html?engine=markov&ngram=10&content=material
017.html?content=material (defaults to markov engine with ngram=5)
[user-provided-text example]

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