March 27th, 2015



I am greatly irritated by the contemporary use of “swag” as derived from “swagger” (AFAICT).

As far as I’m concerned, you’ve only got “the swag” if you’ve got a bag containing the plate, silverware, and candlesticks.

Although not explicitly referenced, I would not be surprised to see Taffy with swag.

Bonus points for wearing the optional domino-mask.

Here are some notes on the origin of the word ‘swag’ that generally agree with me (ignore everything in the article that doesn’t agree with me).


March 13th, 2015

My daughter likes Barbie. I suppose there are some good reasons for that. I am hoping this is one of those.


If that was indeed the case, I’d be all like



August 15th, 2014

Continued from bad.art : the horrible, wonderful world of Harry Stephen Keeler.


Here’s Keeler’s on explanation of his webwork-plot technique: The Mechanics (and Kinematics) of Web-Work Plot Construction


10 years ago, I missed the obvious: Wikipedia:Harry_Stephen_Keeler and the Gutenberg text of John Jones’s Dollar.


The Harry Stephen Keeler Society points us to 4 e-texts of Keeler novels, including an alternate source for ‘’John Jones’s Dollar.


Roger Ebert wrote an interesting post on Keeler back in 2010, that also includes a nifty book-cover-gallery and bizarre quotes.




March 27th, 2014

The Quantum Uncertainty Theory of Comment Threads:


You can either fully understand an online discussion, or you can participate in it.


As a principle, the Comment Uncertainty relationship must be something that is in accord with all experience. However, humans do not form an intuitive understanding of this indeterminacy in online life, so it may be helpful to deploy moderators and/or graphite ban-hammers to dampen the ensuing chain-reactions (“flame wars”).

Now, while there is the timelike-discussion interpretation (“most recent first” or “Flat Earth model”), and the nested-reply-discussion interpretation (“Yggdrasil model”), do not confuse this with the Disinterested Observer Effect. Both of these alternative conceptualizations of quantum commenting can be examined with the goal of demonstrating the key role the uncertainty principle plays.

The major criticisms of these models rely on the thought experiments “Pandora’s Box” and “Pandora’s Slit”, but they are generally considered NSFW and somewhat trollish. The other major school of thought relies on the Copenhagen Interpretation which believes that online comments are a hive of scum and villainy and should never be enabled.


Originally posted at bbs.boingboing.net.


January 27th, 2013

Holy flipping hells, I’m a computer programmer, how awesome is that?!!! There’s bleeps and bloops, and blinking lights, and all sorts of cool stuff (although I must admit, there’s no way the whining sound of a laser printer can compare to the chugging out of green-bar paper).

There ain’t no cheap flying cars, but we are living in the future, it’s pretty well distributed [in my first world] — we’re just blinded by its ubiquity.


September 24th, 2012


To Marilyn Manson – It’s taken me a long time to get there from where I could touch M. Manson. Now I got a card to play – you may look into my non-profit, ATWA, and give Manson what you think he’s got coming for Air, Trees, Water, and you. Or I will pay Manson what you think Manson got comeing – the music has make Manson into Abraxas Devil, and I’m SURE you would want some of what I got from what I got. It’s a far out balence. Beyond good and bad, right, wrong. What you don’t do is what I will do – what you did a sang along, and let it roll and said how you saved me a lot of steeps – I don’t need, it’s not a need or a want. Couped – coup. Ghost dancers slay together and your just in my grave Sunstroker Corona-coronas-coronae – you seen me from under with it all standing on me. That’s 2 dump trucks – doing the same as CMF 000007

Also, a potential translation.

via BoingBoing


August 28th, 2012

In lieu of a simple, spacious, modernist house that I can never afford (nor talk my wife into), I’d like a little cabin “out back.”

If I had a Ted Kaczynski cabin with a wood-stove, solar power + batteries, pumped/rain water, lanterns, and a typewriter (plus space for a laptop), I could still write/make stuff that is somehow NOW, not a 19th century leftover.

I still have lingering fears/doubts about the future, leftover 1980s concerns over the collapse of civilization that we excreted into all of those Road Warrior movies, only now it’s come back to haunt us with the econopocalypse and DNS malware botnets. There is some future in going off the grid, but being aware of the grid, and dealing with the grid, and trying to encourage the grid to be griddish and non-griddish, to be discrete, interconnected and disconnected, re-routable and not dependent on the electrons, and able to self-repair with some non-digital components, to repair itself in the dark, and to survive things.

Plus, you know, the NSA can’t read what you type and pass around by hand. The old Soviet samizdat……

hoo-hah! paranoia! rants! mad bombers! are there enough keywords in here yet?

Seriously, I’d like a little cabin out back, with some power and a cable-internet connection. But with some solar panels, a bike/wind generator, hand-pump well, lamps, etc. And space for some bookshelves and a manual typewriter. And a nice porch-cum-deck, so we could grill back here, and enjoy some days away from the television. It would be cheaper than expanding the house. Although we don’t own it.

and then there are all of the we-love-humid-connecticut bugs.

and, ugh, spiders.


This is a small link-dump of some things I’ve seen recently.

Maine cabin, off-the-grid

The Bellomo House Arc is a small, beautiful pre-fab. And supposedly $65K for a single module.

A clean-line cabin in Wisconsin.

A solar yurt. Not so sure about the whole “round” thing. Nature is curvy because things grow; our products are rectilinear because it’s easier to cut straight lines and 90-degree angles.

See Also: some specifics on cargo-container homes.

I’ve thought about trailers, etc., and while they hit the size and price-point (due to mass-production), the actual use of transport to me seems inefficient. How much gas does it take to haul one of those things around? Does it really offset the cost of a decent motel?

Buying one and using it in a permanent location seems like a mis-fit — they were designed to be mobile, and are built for such a purpose. I’d like something more solid. But, if the mass-produced cost-offset of a designed-to-be-portable-but-keeps-it-parked-in-the-woods is they way to go, that could be a way to go.

MOBILE HOMES ARE NOT AN OPTION. There’s just something icky about them. I’d so much rather go with a re-purposed shipping container.


June 1st, 2012

The typewriter
Sensibility existed
In the opposite.

The most magnificient
Symmetry of opposite
Perfection. 1-midday.

The time cube though = vertical
Edge word god, inflicts static
Non pulsating opposite.

Copy to make. Opposites
Are created via opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Only of universal
Opposites compose.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Singularity. Snobs.
Hemispheres. You.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Earth quarters a baby.
A fictitious word.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Academic institutions,
Internet of opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Permission of evil. The
Way of the 2 poles.

A satellite enslavement
Ever concocted by earth’s
Cubic knowledge. Life.

A bag mind, criticizing
And you. God, kodak, the cross.
There’s no god created.

I asked an odd escape
They applied within the highest
Order of other.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I believe that corrupts.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
You can’t escape population.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
Place 4 days in a zero.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I will indict them.

The old dead sons predict
The time that place 4 infinitely:
All creation occurs.

Text from TimeCube run through jGnoetry
Some additions from default Tristan Tzara and Lawrence Lessig, no Shakespeare.
Haiku template, syllables not edited for enforcement.

Again, this is a rough draft

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