September 28th, 2012

Work on (and from, sadly) TextMunger has slowed down in the past few months. I took a vague break this summer, and am knuckling down on some freelance work this fall. Which leaves even less time for TM work….


Still, things have happened, and there are some plans.


XRML formatter

The XRML-targeted formatter works a bit better (doesn’t get stuck on zero-punctuation for long periods of time) even if the underlying algorithm still has issues.


I’m thinking of rewriting it, or writing another, that would work on multiple-passes over a text-block to allow for vertical text placement a la columns, although hopefully not so dense and delineated to show up rivers of punctuation that delineate actual columns. I would like just enough to encourage a vertical reading, and not just the standard (Western) left-to-right, line-by-line.


A simple implementation of a single-pass would be an offset, so that the next word lines up with the start of the last word. Would want to enhance this so that an arbitrary number of words (tokens, whatever) are printed before the next line alignment.


Multi-pass is more difficult, as it would include the above, as well as requiring an intake of a previously formatted chunk of text for re-writing.


Text library

I’ve done some work on preparing to save lists of selected texts, but it has been exposed to the UI yet.


First, because there is no menu-strip in the UI. I think it’s time to address this (as well as scrapping the diagnostics tab).


But mainly I think the library-system needs and overhaul. Parsing a nested set of folders for .txt files is fine, but it’s a dumb system. Workable, practical, but literally dumb — it returns texts, but no awareness of those texts. And awareness allows us to sort, etc.

 By author, date, other characteristics. And above all, source — which would be a good thing for citations and acknowledgements.


Weighted source texts (for Markov chaining)

I’ve been staring at Edde Addad’s jGnoetry. Not only do I want to integrate some sort of re-processeable template (?) system, weighted texts is a desirable element. I’m constantly irritated by trying to combine two texts — say, Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology And Guide To The Study Of Antiquities In Egypt and a script for The Wizard of Oz or 1975 Apocalypse Now Workprint, only to find that almost everything is Egyptian due to the massive size of the source. If I could indicate that the Egyptian text, regardless of length should only be considered 30% of the time, I’d be much happier. Currently, I can dump in multiple copies of one text, but that’s a nuisance.


Selectable output as re-processable template

As mentioned, jGnoetry has made me want to be able to keep some words|tokens, but regenerate everything else.


Not just for markov chaining, however — being able to select any arbitrary rule and apply it to a block of text would be great. This would move the UI to a real alt-text-editor tool. Probably would need a rule-toolbar. Or easy way to select (and edit-on-the-fly?) a given rule for application.


rework of the rule selection system

Too many clicks to get to where I want to edit something.


(Assignable) hot-keys is one-option. A serious re-thinking of the rule-selection GUI is a must.



May 21st, 2012

We read in the introduction to Mr. Addad’s jGnoetry:

[…Q]uotation marks, parenthesis, and brackets, […] are tricky to handle in bigram generation systems because you can’t be guaranteed that an open-bracket will have a matching close-bracket.

No argument here. Both the opening and closing tokens of any pair are unlikely to fall within the short range of any interesting n-gram model.

But, what if we modify the model, to make it want to close off the pair?
Translating “want” into some sort of algorithmic model, to increase the chance of closing off the pair.
read more…


May 10th, 2012

I continue to tweak the TextMunger.

Currently, it’s case-sensitive all the time, which means that ALL CAPS words and phrases do not mingle well with lower-case words and phrases. So, I thought, make it NOT case-sensitive, and ALL CAPS sentences will intermix!

Which, yes! They do!

The Law of Unintended (or Not Realized Ahead of Time) Consequences says that it will also lead to a loss of recognition of the start and end of sentences, which was helped by U&LC recognition. This being a dumb-as-statistical-sticks Markov-chaining.

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August 8th, 2005

Gimme a ticket to Burningman!

hippies selling driftwood and smelling of patchoulli

hippies selling driftwood and smelling of patchoulli

Hello beautiful community Burningman! I did not buy a ticket still to Burningman and good, rather sincerely am shortly I a little (you know, add cars, costumes and that whole this moved wasteland material above!) in addition, then I thought that Burningman is really not a very cool experience, if I am not there thus who to Burningman to go would want, if I were not there? I do not mean me!

On Saturday night we burn the man. Please so whole you beautifully, gorgeous peoples Burningman out there, hear give you mine pretext and you me a ticket… please? Or I am forced to sell driftwood on your front Sidewalk!

Which I over burning man dear, is to be expired able, dancing with 9 a.m.. I have considered that threads on e-playa recently… one, where people exchange stories over, which them Nichtbrenner over burning one explains part of the discussion, on which, centered to explain a trying, why we to the fire to go. I confronted this question to more than my portion of times. Up to a certain degree I fit the form. I am a Adventurer. I love clearance. I have an additional drilling in my head, of that the mandatory gold volume of dangles. At the first volatile view I announce into the burning man mass rather well. Still if my universitygraduating category would have had the precaution for selecting, I would have been a little probably selected probably ", over to burn ". It is not my appearance, which educates me an improbable burner, it is my paradigm. Prepare your hearts for an impact, group. I am borned again a Christian.

Even more strangely (or some even worse would say), I am a minister… am been for years. I formed it my life and will continue to thus do. On playa we are at the grace of the God (some it would say but would remind the universe, that… I had a paradigm). Some of us spiders accomplish dance music, bend staff, inform Yoga, lead Meditationen, give Massagen, wash hair of the people or feet, March in the parades with fire. Others of us contribute, by working within the burning man organization with the DPW, mass guard, lamp lighters, ons-call service or, Rangers. Rank ring is my art. We find creative solutions to the inevitable conflicts, which develop in a population of thousands. There is no purchase or selling. Which we cause, we release. Being selfly-sufficient, we have to be divided enough. We are a community of the strangers, and we more nevertheless are like family than some families. ", "we say and mean welcome house with one another it. They are to be celebrated here.

On Saturday night we burn the man. While the prozession begins, the circle forms, and the man ignites, you experiences, which, too, is somewhat personal somewhat on is somewhat new, which you never felt before. It is epiphany, it is original, it is newborn. And it is completely individual.

Please so whole you beautifully, gorgeous peoples Burningman out there, hear give you mine pretext and you me a ticket… please? Or I am forced to sell driftwood on your front Sidewalk!

On Saturday night we burn the man.

UPDATE 2012.05.29: The original tribe.net listing is gone, so I don’t know what came from there. The picture, I’m fairly certain, came from a friend who was thoroughly irritated at hippies selling driftwood in front of her house. I think, maybe, I markov’d a posting-text with some other text? I no longer have any idea…

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