September 28th, 2012

Work on (and from, sadly) TextMunger has slowed down in the past few months. I took a vague break this summer, and am knuckling down on some freelance work this fall. Which leaves even less time for TM work….


Still, things have happened, and there are some plans.


XRML formatter

The XRML-targeted formatter works a bit better (doesn’t get stuck on zero-punctuation for long periods of time) even if the underlying algorithm still has issues.


I’m thinking of rewriting it, or writing another, that would work on multiple-passes over a text-block to allow for vertical text placement a la columns, although hopefully not so dense and delineated to show up rivers of punctuation that delineate actual columns. I would like just enough to encourage a vertical reading, and not just the standard (Western) left-to-right, line-by-line.


A simple implementation of a single-pass would be an offset, so that the next word lines up with the start of the last word. Would want to enhance this so that an arbitrary number of words (tokens, whatever) are printed before the next line alignment.


Multi-pass is more difficult, as it would include the above, as well as requiring an intake of a previously formatted chunk of text for re-writing.


Text library

I’ve done some work on preparing to save lists of selected texts, but it has been exposed to the UI yet.


First, because there is no menu-strip in the UI. I think it’s time to address this (as well as scrapping the diagnostics tab).


But mainly I think the library-system needs and overhaul. Parsing a nested set of folders for .txt files is fine, but it’s a dumb system. Workable, practical, but literally dumb — it returns texts, but no awareness of those texts. And awareness allows us to sort, etc.

 By author, date, other characteristics. And above all, source — which would be a good thing for citations and acknowledgements.


Weighted source texts (for Markov chaining)

I’ve been staring at Edde Addad’s jGnoetry. Not only do I want to integrate some sort of re-processeable template (?) system, weighted texts is a desirable element. I’m constantly irritated by trying to combine two texts — say, Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology And Guide To The Study Of Antiquities In Egypt and a script for The Wizard of Oz or 1975 Apocalypse Now Workprint, only to find that almost everything is Egyptian due to the massive size of the source. If I could indicate that the Egyptian text, regardless of length should only be considered 30% of the time, I’d be much happier. Currently, I can dump in multiple copies of one text, but that’s a nuisance.


Selectable output as re-processable template

As mentioned, jGnoetry has made me want to be able to keep some words|tokens, but regenerate everything else.


Not just for markov chaining, however — being able to select any arbitrary rule and apply it to a block of text would be great. This would move the UI to a real alt-text-editor tool. Probably would need a rule-toolbar. Or easy way to select (and edit-on-the-fly?) a given rule for application.


rework of the rule selection system

Too many clicks to get to where I want to edit something.


(Assignable) hot-keys is one-option. A serious re-thinking of the rule-selection GUI is a must.



June 6th, 2012

Mirage, yeah? Yes! Yes! Yes, I think, yes? Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes I drive through it, no eggs, yes!
Though they have no eggs, nothing, indeed! Yes!
Yes! Ahh in the time the vulgar comes…

From the other side passing by the time…
It’s one of the system, yes! Ahh. So, yes?
Yes! Not there, yes yes and harmless to the
System, a box, with claws, as there, even…

Yes! Time the universe, yes! Aahh. Ahh. Mirage
Cut, even rarer! Yes and harmless
To play on a leash, yes! The words need to
Play on a newspaper! Yes? Yes you, passing

By, yes? Yes! Not there, yes? Yes we’re both there
With poem patterns on, yes. Unleash. Mirage.

HGICH.T’s Tutenchamun, original German lyrics run through Google translate, then processed by jGnoetry, blank sonnet template, with editing.
10% Tzara and 10% Lessig default texts.
Utterly no attempt was made to correct syllables or stresses.

The source video/song/lyrics are so…. abtuse (both obtuse and abstruse) that I wanted to see if I could make anything with them that wasn’t also abtuse.

Show translated lyric source

when the police passing by, yes! yes
I can hold only at times, yes! yes
ne of the participating Ziese box, yes! yes
and harmless to play on scheme f, yes! yes
they have been drinking, yes! yes
The police asked me, yes! yes
I scream out loud, no, yes! yes
I’m thirsty animal, yes! yes
they have taken drugs, yes! yes
but since I have an idea, yes! yes
home on the couch, yes! yes
I’m all there, yes! yes

a cop with a fairy-Ohrn, yes
with this elfin Ohrn he writes on what ..
a cop with a fairy-Ohrn
with this elfin Ohrn he writes on what ..

my name is Garfield, yes! yes
I’ve always been there, yes! yes
and now I’m here, yes! yes
and you are there, yes! yes
we’re both there, yes! yes
together in the universe, yes! yes
together with the police, yes! yes
I tell him what he of sage, yes! yes
eucalyptus and menthol, yes! yes
I’m innocent, yes! yes
manitu like, yes! yes
that’s the killa, yes! yes

a cop with patterns on it, yes
with these patterns on it, he looks good ..
a policeman, with patterns on it so
with these patterns on it, he looks good ..

I’ll help ‘arrested, yes! yes
I just stick it there, yes! yes
shiva help me, help me goa, yes! yes
psytrance help me, yes! yes
goa goa goa mpu, yes! yes
u u u u u goa-dwarf, yes! yes
goa goa goa mpu, yes! yes
u u u u u hara rama, yes! yes
I suddenly lights up a pig, indeed! yes
right in the gob and, yes! yes
too bright the sunshine, yeah! yes
I hurry up to the eyes, yes! yes

a cop with a laser sword, yes
laser-sword with which he writes on this .. ahh
a cop with a laser sword
laser-sword with which he writes on this ..

a smile comes from the heart up, yes! yes
yes one of lächen tuenchamun,! yes
ick tuenchamun am, yes! yes
tut tut tut tut, yes! yes
I paperboard, yes! yes
I’m using the stick to do nothing, yes! yes
tut tut tuenchamun, yes! yes
I’ve found it, yes! yes
Last night in the car, yes! yes
since I’m looking at you, yes! yes
I need urgent help, yes! yes
in the car always runs goa, yes! yes

a cop off with claws, yes
with these claws to it what he stands for ..
a policeman, so off with claws
with these claws to it, so what he stands for ..

Parchim get updated very often ne police, yes! yes
I drive only release times, yes! yes
mentally I’m already there, yes! yes
moon by the time the liquid shiva, yes! yes
of the full moon up to the baltic sea, yeah! yes
of the reeperbahn back home, yes! yes
in the hall eingepennt shit, yes! yes
the problem in the system, yes! yes
the system is, yes! yes
the system is the problem, yes! yes
the system has no eggs, yes! yes
the system is in the system, yes! yes
I have no problem, yes! yes
I’m schizophrenic, yes! yes
I am the system, yes! yes

a cop standing there with his parents
with his parents (because) he wants to go home ..
one policeman stands with his parents because aaahhh …
uuuhhh with his parents … He wants to house ..

I’m strapped in, yes! yes
I I I weggeknallt, yes! yes
I have a crush me, yes! yes
I’m not there, yes! yes
ick’m uh .. mirage, yes! yes
all the stupid pig, indeed! yes
All the boring pig, yes! yes
walk on a leash, yes! yes
all the boring pig, indeed! yes
hear no goa, yes! ahh ..
goa goa hhh .. ahh ..
hare hare rama, yes! a.
hare hare goa, yes! aahh ..
hare hare rama, yes! ahh
goa goa hare,


June 6th, 2012

After working on jGnoetry for a few weeks, I finally got write-access (I delayed in asking, and Edde’s been busy), and made my first commit to Edde Addad’s Poetry Generators project on SourceForge.


Given the extant of my changes — although primarily refactoring, not functionality — I probably should have made a new branch.


At any rate, now that I’ve dumped in all of my changes, future additions will be more minimal.



One last note — I’m using an old account on SourceForge, back when I used to use the handle xradiographer as my primary identity. Given that I had never made any contributions to any projects under that account, I should have just opened a new one under my real name.


Which occurred to me about 3 seconds into the commit.


June 2nd, 2012

In a time when the
American dream for $5.95 intrigued
Political scientists.

His voice cracks as he
Told me some advice that every
President ignores.

I wasn’t smart enough
To convince americans
That you could be ok.

Skepticism grows that
The american dream is
An implicit contract.

With decent pay, and
Optimism about the country,
This country is threatened.

Skepticism grows. This
World where a man is increasingly
Sad. Skepticism grows.

Economic statistics
Validate those images:
People working harder.

Cut out of optimism
And comfortably retire.
Next carefully cut.

Shake successfully.
The economy is not
Just sad decisions.

It was a faith that says: Economic

I don’t think this ordering is the final version. Not everything seems to gel together.

text extracted from NPR.org: American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality
Some additions from the jGnoetry exceprts from Trisztan Tzara and Lawrence Lessig (no Shakespeare).
Haiku template


June 1st, 2012

The typewriter
Sensibility existed
In the opposite.

The most magnificient
Symmetry of opposite
Perfection. 1-midday.

The time cube though = vertical
Edge word god, inflicts static
Non pulsating opposite.

Copy to make. Opposites
Are created via opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Only of universal
Opposites compose.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Singularity. Snobs.
Hemispheres. You.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Earth quarters a baby.
A fictitious word.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Academic institutions,
Internet of opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Permission of evil. The
Way of the 2 poles.

A satellite enslavement
Ever concocted by earth’s
Cubic knowledge. Life.

A bag mind, criticizing
And you. God, kodak, the cross.
There’s no god created.

I asked an odd escape
They applied within the highest
Order of other.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I believe that corrupts.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
You can’t escape population.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
Place 4 days in a zero.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I will indict them.

The old dead sons predict
The time that place 4 infinitely:
All creation occurs.

Text from TimeCube run through jGnoetry
Some additions from default Tristan Tzara and Lawrence Lessig, no Shakespeare.
Haiku template, syllables not edited for enforcement.

Again, this is a rough draft


May 25th, 2012

untitled (put the blame on VCR)

VCR. Take



yonder construction

Modified template of single-syllable lines run through jGnoetry (with some manual editing). The syllable-counting engine is imperfect.

I used the default sources, with Shakespeare @ 0%, leaving us with 50% Tristan Tzara and 50% Lawrence Lessig.

I’ve been re-wiring jGnoetry as a side-project (it is OpenSource, after all). I haven’t yet got to changing any functionality — it’s more been about refactoring, separation of presentation and calculation, etc. A good exercise while I think about the program, and it’s implications for TextMunger.

Hitting a syllabic rhythmic structure doesn’t hold a lot of draw, for me [gasp!]. But what I definitely like is the ability to save chunks of the output, and regenerate the gaps — and having said regeneration be from the same markov-model. Or from a different model, but, hopefully, keyed from the ends of the gaps.

The Anderson Poems had some sections I would have liked to have modified — but charNG doesn’t offer a simple way to do that. jGnoetry theoretically allows the use of source-text-as-template, but with random-offset lines I found the experience less than perfect. Not to mention the need to regenerate the corpuses from one application to the other.

blog vs wiki

I’m still grappling with having both a blog and a wiki. I think that blog-posts are a little more ephemeral, or better suited to date-ordering, as they may be multiply classified, whereas the wiki is pre-sorted into sections. Yes, the blog has Categories, which may correspond to wiki Groups. But the blog’s default ordering is time-wise. So the front-end gives us a different viewpoint.

And putting a text in here, first, allows me to stare append notes that might be distracting from the way I think it should be viewed in the wiki.


May 21st, 2012

We read in the introduction to Mr. Addad’s jGnoetry:

[…Q]uotation marks, parenthesis, and brackets, […] are tricky to handle in bigram generation systems because you can’t be guaranteed that an open-bracket will have a matching close-bracket.

No argument here. Both the opening and closing tokens of any pair are unlikely to fall within the short range of any interesting n-gram model.

But, what if we modify the model, to make it want to close off the pair?
Translating “want” into some sort of algorithmic model, to increase the chance of closing off the pair.
read more…

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