January 15th, 2013

I’m tired of opening a new tab for Netflix, waiting for it to load, then typing in whatever I’m searching for.

Netflix has so much JavaScript AJAXY-goodness on it’s page that it takes YEARS to load. Well, seconds. 5 seconds? 10 seconds? AN ETERNITY!


And I’m likely to forget what I was looking for in such an abnormal span of time (relative to my attention-spa… oooh, shiny!).


So I wrote a FireFox bookmarklet to easily do a search for me.


  1. Create a new bookmark
  2. add the code (below) to the location
  3. enter a memorable keyword (like, say “nf”)


Now, open a new tab, enter your keyword, followed by your search words, like:

nf downton abbey


and you’ll get your results!


The code will accept single-quotes, but searches for titles by default, and will probably break if you want to start throwing crap in there.

If you don’t pass in any search-terms, it defaults to the Netflix home-page.


It’s simple, but if you have an idea for more functionality, let me know in the comments.


javascript:{var loc=”http://movies.netflix.com/”;if(escape(“%s”)){var srch=”%s”.replace(” “,”+”);loc=”http://movies.netflix.com/WiSearch?raw_query=SRCHTERM&ac_category_type=none&ac_rel_posn=-1&ac_abs_posn=-1&v1=SRCHTERM&search_submit=”.replace(/SRCHTERM/g,srch)}location.href=loc}




June 5th, 2012

A small JavaScript bookmarklet to allow FireFox to easily search the Wayback Machine (if a URL is provided):


  1. var locAppend = 'http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/';
  2. var locEmpty = 'http://archive.org/web/web.php';
  3. var loc = '';
  4. if('%s') {
  5.     loc = locAppend + '%s';
  6. } else {
  7.     loc = locEmpty;
  8. }
  9. location.href=loc;


  1. javascript:{var%20locAppend='http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/';var%20locEmpty='http://archive.org/web/web.php';var%20loc='';if('%s'){loc=locAppend+'%s';}else{loc=locEmpty;}location.href=loc;}
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