June 24th, 2013

Blogging has still not been my top-priority this past month. I’ve got a few things in the pipeline, though….

So, what have I been doing since, and in light of, my last DOING updates?

  • My new project, a Pmwiki-Trello plugin is looking good, to me.
  • work on the Pmwiki-Bootstrap-Skin has slowed, but gotten some core-features closer to a state I wanted.
    • Want to get the skin into a shape where I can use it for my “vanity” site rework.
    • Possibly, I should finalize the rework FIRST, then look at using the skin.
    • Since neither the site nor rework currently use a CMS.
  • My study of node.js is limping along.
    • Looking into jake – j(avascript m)ake.
    • Which is half the reason I want to use node in the first place – using tools match my code.
  • I am using org-mode for my daily journaling, personal, and freelance.
  • Trying to keep up some activity on the EmacsWiki and PmWiki.
    • Tweaking wiki-notes is a (minor) contribution to a project.
    • This should be part of my thoughts on wiki(s)
  • Day-job remains! I enjoy it, and the company is doing well. We just had our summer picnic on Friday.

May 30th, 2013

I’ve been working on a boostrap-theme/skin for PmWiki.


It’s beginning to take shape, but there’s a long way to go to make it a “real theme.” (I should note that it was extracted from a ready-to-install PmWiki “kit” with bootstrap in it; I’ve made it standalone, and am enhancing the feature-set and building documentation.).


I’ve been learning how to use git, GitHub, (guthub-flavored) markdown, more work with Bootstrap, deep-diving back into PmWiki development, playing with Emacs’ org-mode for journaling, and using Trello for planning.


PHP is annoying the !@#!@# out of me, as is GitHub’s wise advice to use relative links in a, but making it impossible to use relative links to files in the wiki.


I’m hitting a bunch of tasks on my TODO list.



May 15th, 2013

This is a vague list of some of the things I am currently doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

This is a vague list of some of the things I’m planning on doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

  • More integration between WordPress and PmWiki — ideally, the search in each should be able to search the other.
  • Intermap works better for each.
  • For WordPress, either add widgets to this theme, or get a new theme (gasp!) ???
  • For PmWiki, keep working on the Bootstrap theme, along with alternate styling.
  • Sketches – using LocalStorage, ability to “paint” with words, and store the results.
  • Sketches – use node.js for some utility work, so code and utilities are using the same language (javascript)
  • Sketches – move to public github repo, instead of private bitbucket repo
  • Finish my personal “vanity” site
  • syndicate

    • Add to MyMSN
    • Add to MyYahoo
    • Add to Google Reader
    • Add to Bloglines
    • Add to Newsgator
    • Add to NewsIsFree