May 26th, 2014

My third child, second son, freshest baby was born at 7:49am on Thursday, May 8.

Baby Anthony

Anthony and (big sister) Anna

There are no pictures of Anthony and Monkey at this point. whoops.

Sorry for not posting sooner. Things have been… hectic.

April 24th, 2014

Earlier this month, I took Monkey out for ice cream. He eats it veeery slowly – lots of licks, but only with the tip of his tongue.

June 4th, 2012

daddy play!

Usually, Little Michael is more interested in playing with my keyboard and trackball than me


May 15th, 2012

Interesting bits from Michael Jr’s vocabulary:

Baby Ah! := Little Sister Anna
Bobti blmrwr := Bob the Builder
George! George! George! := why on earth did you make me watch Thomas the Tank Engine?
[handful of moist, chewed food passed on to parent] := This does not pass my stringent edibility requirements.
baby car := car
beena := banana
ba’al :=- bottle of milk
bunny := Arthur (cartoon character, who is actually an aardvark)
car := truck
chiz := cheese/primary form of nourishment
choo-choo := I would like to watch Thomas the Tank Engine for 30 seconds
dirty burp := vomit/spit-up
done := see all that food on the floor? Where were you 30 seconds ago?
foffee := coffee
hot := hat/cap
kooh-ker := “Foreman” grill (doubly-weird, becuase “cooker” is an uncommon word in our house)
money := give me some coins and bring down the musical piggy-bank from the top shelf
mote := Why did Curious George disappear from the TV when I mashed all these buttons?
ocker := rocking chair
oh honey := I am hurt and in need of consolation
pee-kull := pickle
pipa := pizza
pull := please open this gate/door/drawer/thing I’m not allowed to open
puppy := Wallace and Grommit
side := outside
tic-toc := clock/wrist-watch
up|down := down|up (he gets them right about 75% of the time, but when he’s excited, they’re interchangeable)

The best/worst thing he says is in the morning as I’m preparing to leave: “no daddy work, park!

May 14th, 2012
Old Durham Cemetery by the Other michael
Old Durham Cemetery, a photo by the Other michael on Flickr.

My wife thought the photo a bit creepy.

March 24th, 2008

Oliver is engaging in some engaging typecasting.

March 15th, 2007

four to the floor

March 12th, 2007

no pie, but fries

January 25th, 2007

shoes from remix shoes

Shoes, that are not old but look old, and look expensive and are expensive. But reasonably so.

October 30th, 2006

bruce’s joke book

September 7th, 2006

Rick Walker is now making things that move.

July 18th, 2006

you know how you get up in the middle of the night and get a glass of water in the bathroom without turning on the lights and you just wonder after youve drunk half the glass if somethings in there

July 14th, 2006

Merlin Mann &co. ask about affections.

Oh, dear.

  • Sign my name with my middle initial (my given name is rather unique, although I believe there is a person in California with the same first and last name as me).
  • Use European date and number formats (cross the sevens and [serif???] the ones).
  • 24-hour wind-up wristwatch (in Russian, no less).
  • No cellphone. No cable. See above for timepiece.
  • Greet people in the office with “Hi, kids” (I’ve been doing this since my early 20s).
  • CHoward’s Scented Gum and Violet Mints.
  • Answering machine message is a recording of an accordion and nothing else.

Anybody care to offer/make an accusation?

June 30th, 2006
All my threads are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your tribe
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The mod's waiting, she's blowin' her horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could cry.

So kiss me and post for me
Tell me that you'll link to me
Text me like you'll never let me know*.
I'm deletin' on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll delete again
Oh, babe, I love to delete.

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I tell you now, they don't mean a thing
Every online social network I go, I think of you
Every post I post, I post for you
When I come back, I'll wear your tribal** thing.

So kiss me and post for me
Tell me that you'll link to me
Text me like you'll never let me know.
I'm deletin' on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll delete again
Oh, babe, I love to delete.

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me private-message you
Then close your eyes, I'll be on my way.
Dream about the threads to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times, I won't have to say,

So kiss me and post for me
Tell me that you'll link to me
Text me like you'll never let me know.
I'm deletin' on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll delete again
Oh, babe, I love to delete.
  • *I’m not really sure what this means
  • **tribe as in, not as in tribal, okay?

With apologies to John Denver.

June 6th, 2006

well when i came home i changed shoes and went through my mail from today and yesterday and threw out the real junk mail and kept the bills and one zero percent interest rate for a little more than a year credit card offer then left to go see my parents for dinner and to bake a cake with my mom i hadnt baked a cake since high school and i wanted to learn how to again and to bake a rum cake like my mother always made for my birthday it isnt a rum cake like some people know of but like a yellow sponge cake with rum flavoring and rum icing that is like milk and powdered or confectioners sugar only instead of milk you use rum and it tastes so good i would always ask for it for my birthday because on your birthday you could have whatever cake you wanted even if it was a rum cake and your sister couldnt stand it you could have it anyway only my car died in front of a church

so this young guy let me use his cell phone and i called my autoclub and i was on hold for forever and twenty minutes but they sent somebody and the somebody got there just before the church service for the graduates in blue robes got out becuase my car died just as they were going in and i got towed to the garage well not towed really becuase it was a rolloff truck and it rolled on then rolled off the rolloff and it was taken to the garage and i got out and the car rolled off the rolloff and they drove away there wasnt even anything for me to sign and i had a fortyfive minute walk home and i wish i hadnt changed my shoes

June 2nd, 2006

guy goma knows

May 25th, 2006

The Guabancex Blog: And SOLD, to the sucker in the back row!

a joke.


yes i file jokes under performance so sue me

May 20th, 2006

Although therefore are now defunct, last year’s digital-distro-only album LGFCA is still available.


Er, I guess the breakup of a band seldom has much to do with back-catalogue availability.

May 1st, 2006

i went to look at bikes and bike prices at the bike shop but the bike shop is closed on sundays well i think it is closed on sundays becuase today is sunday and the bike shop was closed only the bike shop does not have a sign saying when it is open and when it is closed it was just closed so i could look at bikes through the windows but i couldnt see any prices

March 17th, 2006
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