September 26th, 2013



September 24th, 2013


September 23rd, 2013

I haven’t done any sketches in a while, but I have continued to think about them, and how to create|invoke|provoke interaction with the reader/viewer.

A word I’ve used in the past is “frustrating”, as in “frustrating the reader,” but I always felt uncomfortable with that.
I’ve more wanted to entice the reader to continue.
Not the right word.
The frustration I was working with was by obscuring the text, and only revealing parts of it when the reader interacted.
Frustrated, as in “the reader can’t see the (whole) text without (some, minimal) effort.”

There’s another word, just can’t get back to it now.

Thoughts again today looking at the work of Darius Kazemi.

Check out his “game” At Dawn. NOTE: when you reach the center of the screen, keep walking to the right.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to reward the reader — as in, what’s the payoff for reading? Solving a puzzle? Defeating the final boss? Following the narrative flow through to it’s conclusion?

In the absence of the last two, and difficult puzzles, I’m not sure what that payoff might be.
Perhaps I’m overthinking this.
I enjoyed reading and interacting with these texts.
Most people aren’t going to get the same reward from viewing them.
But I do, and some others might.

That should be enough.

UPDATE 2013.09.23: I wrote the above about a month ago, and haven’t edited it much, much less come up with the words I thought I wanted. So these words will have to do (like Xanadu).

See also: Gamebooks such as Choose Your Own Adventure.


September 13th, 2013





Interrupting all programmes
This is radio pipe from pirate satellite
Orbiting your living room, cashing in the bill of rights
Cuban army surplus or refusing all third lights
This is radio pipe on pirate satellite


This sound does not subscribe to the international plan
In the psycho shadow of the white right hand
Then that see ghettology as an urban Vietnam
Giving deadly exhibitions of murder by napalm


This is radio pipe tearing up the seven veils
This is radio pipe please save us, not the whales
This is radio pipe underneath a mushroom cloud
This is radio pipe, you don’t need that funeral shroud (Why play?)


Forces have been looting, my humanity
Curfews have been curbing the end of liberty


Hands of law have sorted through my identity
But now this sound is brave and wants to be free, anyway to be free


This is radio pipe on pirate satellite


This is not free Europe
Nor an armed force network
This is radio pipe using audio ammunition
This is radio pipe can we get that world to listen
This is radio pipe using aural ammunition
This is radio pipe can we get that world to listen?
This is radio pipe on pirate satellite
(This is radio pipe) Orbiting your living room cashing in the bill of rights
This is radio pipe on pirate satellite
This is radio pipe everybody hold on tight
(This is radio pipe) A-riggy diggy dig dang, dang
(This is radio pipe) Go back to urban ‘Nam


Originally sprung on the world on Google+



September 13th, 2013


September 12th, 2013


September 7th, 2013
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