August 30th, 2013



node.js is working funky on my work machine.

For whatever reason, jake’s jake.mkdirP which resolves to utilities.mkdirP which ultimately splits a path and calls fs.mkdirSync(currPath, mode || 0755); is not creating directories.


Rather, it’s creating a single file at the drive-root.




I’ve run this before, but only on my home machine.

Both are windows7, only work has UAC turned on.


Same drive as shell prompt or cross-drive, doesn’t make a difference (I remember running into this as an issue for _something_. Vanilla node fs?).

Running shell as Administrator doesn’t make a difference.

Reducing the path to a single directory doesn’t make a difference.






UPDATE @ 10:30pm: confirmed that jake.mkdirP(path) does work on my home machine. aaaargh. Is it a UAC thing?


UPDATE @ 2013.09.03: it does work on my work machine. The trick is that jake/utilities did not want to create directories from the root of my c: drive. Not that I got any coherent errors out of it. But switching to the d: drive got it to work. The mental disconnect came in that I was writing to the c: and d: drives at home, and thought that I had tried both of them at work. So it goes.


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