August 22nd, 2013

I haven’t done a new sketch since the un-finished (but workable to some extent) animator.

I’ve been doing other projects and contract work, keeping busy. But not doing word-art. :::sigh:::

Now I’ve had a few things flash through my head when I’m waking up that I’d like to realize.

Something akin to scripting the text, however. yikes!
Instead of scripting, maybe more meta-data on each frame (segment of text) is sufficient.

Like the animator.
But with the ability to indicate color, size, duration, etc. for each frame.
Including then the duration of blank spaces.
Currently, the animator has no meta-data, just a collection of frames.

I partly remember seeing rows of crosses and dots,



blown up, centered on the screen… which isn’t required.
But I suppose definigh the position of each element would be useful.

The existing animator would work as a subset of this – centered text, blobs, specific size, each frame the same rate, no blank frames, etc.

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