July 21st, 2013

A few months ago — late March, apparently, BoingBoing had a post about using IFTTT to automate collecting wonderful things. I stuck it in my open-tabs, and there it resided for some time.

Finally, earlier in July I implemented the ideas in it.

Basically, use the automation site If This Then That to take new photos (animated-gifs, in this case) from a public DropBox folder, and make a new WordPress post out of them.

Not life-saving, and not world-changing. However, like a lot of other people, I am fond of animated gifs, in ways that I don’t fully understand. But in order to explore that fondness, I’d like to post some of the gifs for later perusal. But… I don’t care enough to save the gif, open the WordPress dashboard, create a new post, add media, yadda yadda yadda.

But with this recipe, I can just save a gif to a folder, and IFTTT does all that annoying grunt-work for me.

There are some drawbacks: gifs remain in dropbox, with an image-link to them, not uploaded as media to the blog. So they can’t be displayed with lightbox, f’r instance.

The post has an odd sequence of divs added:

  <img src='https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/iguwidtgvjqoocm/usa.gif'
       style='max-width:600px;' />

At least one of the extra divs seems to be required. I no clear idea why. And don’t really care enough to dig deeply into it. But it’s a bit of a nuisance when staring at one of the posts. Enough to note it, but not enough to fix it now.

So, this is why you may now see more animated gifs on this blog than posts with words in them. Any individual animated picture may be worth less or more than one thousand words of another blog post, but they are a lot easier to post.

Also of interest: a list of IFTTT recipes.

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  1. comment by Michael Paulukonis on Monday, Jul 22nd, 2013 3:20 pm

    See Also: Script the Web

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