July 16th, 2013

See Also: part 1, part 2


An attempted install on my home system went much more smoothly, all modules appeared to be present. I ran into one remaining issue that I had encountered previously, and so I’ve opened a ticket.


I also discovered the Emacs Guide — which bills itself as an Emacs guide written for JavaScript coders. It’ll cover installation, basic text editing to taking advantage of powerful extensions made for NodeJS and JavaScript. However, it’s primarily a guide to emacs.js, and is currently incomplete (“Creating Modules”, “Creating HTML Files”, “Debugging” and “See Also” are empty sections, while “Creating Projects” exists only as a keybinding note).


Still, I’ve got some other issues with it.


By default, the code wants all of the files in the HOME directory. I don’t put my files they’re — they’re going into Dropbox, and shared across a couple of installs.

It’s not difficult to update the code for this — but if that file is updated in the project, my updates go out the window.

I think the project should support something different, but I haven’t written a replacement for it.


A minor issue is relative line-numbers. I’m sure somebody likes them. I find them distracting.


But most importantly, basic keystrokes are remapped. That the arrow-keys are mapped to other functions is perhaps forgiveable — Emacs already has line-up, line-down, prevchar, next-char mapped to certain keys. Which I never use. Because it’s stupid to use those keystrokes on a modern keyboard that has arrow keys. But, hey. I can almost follow along. Emacs-stylee, right? Although how following an obscure Emacs convention for a library that is pitched at non-Emacs-users who want a Javascript IDE is a bit perplexing.


Unforgiveable, however, is the remapping of keystrokes like kill-region. That’s a basic Emacs keybinding, and shouldn’t be screwed around with. WTF?


emacs.js has the ability too use customized profiles, but these seem to be loaded AFTER things have already been loaded, so the keybindings might be unfixable by simple means. Or maybe it is an easy fix — I haven’t really looked into the customization yet.


I want to use emacs.js — it’s got a lot of javascript-editing packages included that I’m interested in.

But the setup, lack of complete documentation, and bizarre keybindings is slowing me down.

It’s an open-source project, and I can work to minimize those problems.

I’ve opened one ticket already; these notes are part of my own further process.


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