May 15th, 2013

This is a vague list of some of the things I am currently doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

This is a vague list of some of the things I’m planning on doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

  • More integration between WordPress and PmWiki — ideally, the search in each should be able to search the other.
  • Intermap works better for each.
  • For WordPress, either add widgets to this theme, or get a new theme (gasp!) ???
  • For PmWiki, keep working on the Bootstrap theme, along with alternate styling.
  • Sketches – using LocalStorage, ability to “paint” with words, and store the results.
  • Sketches – use node.js for some utility work, so code and utilities are using the same language (javascript)
  • Sketches – move to public github repo, instead of private bitbucket repo
  • Finish my personal “vanity” site

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