May 15th, 2013

This is a vague list of some of the things I am currently doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

This is a vague list of some of the things I’m planning on doing (outside of, you know, “work”)

  • More integration between WordPress and PmWiki — ideally, the search in each should be able to search the other.
  • Intermap works better for each.
  • For WordPress, either add widgets to this theme, or get a new theme (gasp!) ???
  • For PmWiki, keep working on the Bootstrap theme, along with alternate styling.
  • Sketches – using LocalStorage, ability to “paint” with words, and store the results.
  • Sketches – use node.js for some utility work, so code and utilities are using the same language (javascript)
  • Sketches – move to public github repo, instead of private bitbucket repo
  • Finish my personal “vanity” site

May 15th, 2013

One of my texts, 5 emotional spam poems, has been published in The Newark Review 3.0.

Local version, Newark Review version.

This was actually back in January. My blog-posting has been a bit…. slow.

May 15th, 2013

subject: ++ J0B 0PEN!NG ++

to: [a whole bunch of addresses starting with x]

We are a charter member of the Mystery-shopping Provider’s Association (Ms-PA).
We appreciate your interest on the job opportunity to become a “MysterySH0PPER”.
As a SH0PPER you can work on your spare time for carry out the assignment.
Pay can range US $35O/assignment, at least 2 assignments a week will be assigned.

We will provide you the money for all your evaluation, so that the money order or
payment check will be in a certain amount that’s would be required to cash at your
Bank for remittance the money of your salary and use for your evaluation.

Please fill out the form personal information below if your interested
to start off with this offer and email back to us.

– N a m e :
– A d d r e s s :
– St4te/C!ty/Zip :
– PhoneNumber :
– Sex & Age :
– CurrentJob :
– EmailAddress :

Thanks for responding,and we will wait for your full details.

Hiring Manager

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