October 12th, 2012

On the difficulties of displaying poetry on the web, or in eReaders.


October 10th, 2012

from reflections on the St. Louis City Museum (BoingBoing):


But here’s the thing about the The City Museum: It is actually built out of the city. It is the city. And the city is ancient.


I’m not just talking about “ancient” in American terms. When European explorers showed up on the banks of the Mississippi in 1673, there was already a city at the site of St. Louis — a huge network of mounds and earthworks dating back to the 10th century. Much later, in the late 19th century, this was the location of the fourth largest city in the United States. People are drawn to St. Louis and they have always been drawn to St. Louis.


The last 100 years or so are an aberration in that pattern. But what’s 100 years to a 1000-year-old city? Meanwhile, in that blip, The City Museum rises, literally built from the cast-off parts that other people left to rot. The welded metal and the glass mosaic; the ferris wheel and the airplanes; cement and rebar; an entire collection of beautiful, carved cornices and architectural details left over from the heyday of Euro-American St. Louis — it’s all been salvaged from the dying city and pieced back together like a prayer.


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October 5th, 2012

A coordinated rain in NEPA seized a number of illegal video gambling machines:



Some machines were labeled “Dodge City,” “Monkeyland,” “Crazy Bugs,” and “New Fruit Bonus 96.” The machines were not hidden. Anyone could play.






New Fruit Bonus 96 is an awesome title.



Supposedly, a good deal of effort goes into choosing names for video gambling machines.


I found a partial list online. Not easy to navigate. I want to gank that set.


The best of this list are those that start with numbers:


10 Carat Wins
10 Play
100 Ladies
100 Lions
100 Pandas
100 Wolves
2 Can
2 For 1
2X Wild & Crazy
2X3X Red White And Blue
2X3X4X Jade
2X3X4X White Ice
2X3X4X5X Dragon
2X3X4X5X Gold
2X3X4X5X Red Hot Sevens
2X3X4X5X Super Lucky Times Pay
2X3X4X5X Super Times Pay
3 Alarm Fire
3 Level Games
3X 2X Super Sevens
3X 777 2X Free Games
4 Chinese Beasts
5 Bats
5X Diamond
77777 Jackpot
9 Suns


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