June 2nd, 2012

In a time when the
American dream for $5.95 intrigued
Political scientists.

His voice cracks as he
Told me some advice that every
President ignores.

I wasn’t smart enough
To convince americans
That you could be ok.

Skepticism grows that
The american dream is
An implicit contract.

With decent pay, and
Optimism about the country,
This country is threatened.

Skepticism grows. This
World where a man is increasingly
Sad. Skepticism grows.

Economic statistics
Validate those images:
People working harder.

Cut out of optimism
And comfortably retire.
Next carefully cut.

Shake successfully.
The economy is not
Just sad decisions.

It was a faith that says: Economic

I don’t think this ordering is the final version. Not everything seems to gel together.

text extracted from American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality
Some additions from the jGnoetry exceprts from Trisztan Tzara and Lawrence Lessig (no Shakespeare).
Haiku template

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