June 1st, 2012

The typewriter
Sensibility existed
In the opposite.

The most magnificient
Symmetry of opposite
Perfection. 1-midday.

The time cube though = vertical
Edge word god, inflicts static
Non pulsating opposite.

Copy to make. Opposites
Are created via opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Only of universal
Opposites compose.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Singularity. Snobs.
Hemispheres. You.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Earth quarters a baby.
A fictitious word.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Academic institutions,
Internet of opposites.

Everybody. Word.
Earth. Permission of evil. The
Way of the 2 poles.

A satellite enslavement
Ever concocted by earth’s
Cubic knowledge. Life.

A bag mind, criticizing
And you. God, kodak, the cross.
There’s no god created.

I asked an odd escape
They applied within the highest
Order of other.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I believe that corrupts.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
You can’t escape population.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
Place 4 days in a zero.

A single rotation
Of wisdom debunks singularity.
I will indict them.

The old dead sons predict
The time that place 4 infinitely:
All creation occurs.

Text from TimeCube run through jGnoetry
Some additions from default Tristan Tzara and Lawrence Lessig, no Shakespeare.
Haiku template, syllables not edited for enforcement.

Again, this is a rough draft

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