May 28th, 2012

With some birthday amazon gift-certificates, I picked up a few books I’m working on:

Actually, I bought the Mez Breeze book a few weeks earlier.

I encountered Mezangelle around 2000 I think, but it was mostly via the online _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode and I simultaneously didn’t get much into the visual presentation (I’m still ambivalent towards a lot of online experiments, which is rather ironic. Hence, the ambivalence — which, isn’t no attitude, it’s two simultaneous opposing attitudes — I like it and don’t like it) and saw a parallel[le] oogenesis with my work in XraysMonaLisa. As such, I somewhat avoided it, so I could continue my own independent evolution.

Sadly, locked in an imaginary closet of isolation — I wasn’t aware of anybody working in such an area other than Mez — my writing dwindled. It never stopped, but I suffered innumerable crises of faith, and my output is still a trickle compared to the 1990s. OTOH, I am now currently gainfully employed full-time and working on a career and a family. So other bourgeoise impediments have arisen.

And, finally — I never quit. Half the reason for starting the wiki was for XraysMonaLisa — to give it an online medium, an outlet, an editor, and the ability to see the history river of continual change. Sadly, I’ve never invested the time in PmWiki to get the visualization that is possible with, say, MediaWiki, but hopefully someday…..

That’s all been changing over the last few months, as I finally started on my long-delayed text manipulation project, and in the process discovered a vast flotilla of fellow travelers out there. I’ve started writing more, and researching furious green ideas too late into the night…

Oh, and one other book that I picked up at Ocean State Job Lots:

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