May 23rd, 2012

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found @ weird animated gifs.


May 23rd, 2012

For my birthday (a month ago today, hey!), I got a hand-crank/solar-powered radio, with NOAA and shortwave bells-n-whistles — it can even power/charge USB devices (and can run on batteries, if you want).

More pieces for getting off the grid! Or for when Connecticut Power & Light are surprised by the weather….

Little Michael thinks this is the best thing since sliced toast, and loves turning on the lights, changing the volume, and then finding something shiny and letting it on the floor to discharge the battery…. and he’s always frustrated when I try to crank it back to life.


May 23rd, 2012

love is [the unkindest cut|a virus]

love is
             like -
 that letter.
  Language is a virus!
           Language is
        a virus! Language
          a virus, Language is a virus.

    Language! It's
             a man,
         island, that I love, is gone, the
       it takes. Thanks.
          So...thanks. So
          Mom, in fact,
        to be.

   And Fred
 said: This is your
         Army knife.

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May 23rd, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard to tell fact from fiction, particularly when we think we can’t think of any fiction:

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