May 15th, 2012

Interesting bits from Michael Jr’s vocabulary:

Baby Ah! := Little Sister Anna
Bobti blmrwr := Bob the Builder
George! George! George! := why on earth did you make me watch Thomas the Tank Engine?
[handful of moist, chewed food passed on to parent] := This does not pass my stringent edibility requirements.
baby car := car
beena := banana
ba’al :=- bottle of milk
bunny := Arthur (cartoon character, who is actually an aardvark)
car := truck
chiz := cheese/primary form of nourishment
choo-choo := I would like to watch Thomas the Tank Engine for 30 seconds
dirty burp := vomit/spit-up
done := see all that food on the floor? Where were you 30 seconds ago?
foffee := coffee
hot := hat/cap
kooh-ker := “Foreman” grill (doubly-weird, becuase “cooker” is an uncommon word in our house)
money := give me some coins and bring down the musical piggy-bank from the top shelf
mote := Why did Curious George disappear from the TV when I mashed all these buttons?
ocker := rocking chair
oh honey := I am hurt and in need of consolation
pee-kull := pickle
pipa := pizza
pull := please open this gate/door/drawer/thing I’m not allowed to open
puppy := Wallace and Grommit
side := outside
tic-toc := clock/wrist-watch
up|down := down|up (he gets them right about 75% of the time, but when he’s excited, they’re interchangeable)

The best/worst thing he says is in the morning as I’m preparing to leave: “no daddy work, park!

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