July 24th, 2007

Black mold target of City Hall cleanup

Black mold target of City Hall cleanup

CARBONDALE — Eradication of black mold growing in the basement of City Hall could begin in early August, Mayor Justin Taylor said Monday.

Bids for mold abatement were opened during a special City Council meeting Monday, with the lowest coming from Alicon Environmental Inc. of Clarks Summit at $4,836.05.

“We’ll be reviewing the paperwork, and we can probably notify them at the end of the week,” said Mr. Taylor. He could not pinpoint an exact date for work to start.

“When they start is based on their schedule, but I can see it starting in two weeks,” he said.

The news comes as a relief to Carbondale police, whose offices are located on the first floor near the building.

“We’re glad to see it happen,” said Sgt. Joe Laguzzi, Carbondale police union steward. “When you cross that area of the basement, you can still smell it.”

A visiting official for the city’s Department of Public Works union brought the issue to Sgt. Laguzzi’s attention in February while she was visiting the site. Sgt. Laguzzi attributed the problem to water that seeped into the basement during the June 2006 flooding. Water dampened the Sheetrock and mold began to grow.

No city personnel work in the basement, but police use some of the space for storage.

“It’s a health concern, and we want it out of the building,” Sgt. Laguzzi said. “The next concern is, when they start work, will they let us stay in the building?

“When they go to clean, will it go airborne. We’re here 24 hours a day, and that’s going to be a concern.”

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