July 14th, 2006

Merlin Mann &co. ask about affections.

Oh, dear.

  • Sign my name with my middle initial (my given name is rather unique, although I believe there is a person in California with the same first and last name as me).
  • Use European date and number formats (cross the sevens and [serif???] the ones).
  • 24-hour wind-up wristwatch (in Russian, no less).
  • No cellphone. No cable. See above for timepiece.
  • Greet people in the office with “Hi, kids” (I’ve been doing this since my early 20s).
  • CHoward’s Scented Gum and Violet Mints.
  • Answering machine message is a recording of an accordion and nothing else.

Anybody care to offer/make an accusation?

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