July 14th, 2006

Interstate 81 SB
EXIT 164 : Interstate 81 SOUTHBOUND at mile marker 164 near EXIT 164 (Nanticoke)
DRIVERS’ ALERT! Right lane closed due to mine subsidence. Expect delays!


July 14th, 2006

Hazleton, PA approves illegal alien law

at least you got the flag right, America-hater

By a 4-1 vote, council passed an ordinance that bans illegal immigrants from renting property, punishes businesses that hires or “aids or abets” these immigrants, and makes English the “official” city language. [emphasis added]

I’ve got a question for you, Hazleton City Council: Why do you hate America so much?

After fighting a bitter war to ensure independence from England, our fore-fathers saw no reason to adopt the hated imperialistic English language as anything official in connection with Our Great Nation.

Why are you trying to so hard to disrespect their memory? You want English as an official language? Then go back to England, you bloody Tories!


July 14th, 2006

Northern Pride


July 14th, 2006

Merlin Mann &co. ask about affections.

Oh, dear.

  • Sign my name with my middle initial (my given name is rather unique, although I believe there is a person in California with the same first and last name as me).
  • Use European date and number formats (cross the sevens and [serif???] the ones).
  • 24-hour wind-up wristwatch (in Russian, no less).
  • No cellphone. No cable. See above for timepiece.
  • Greet people in the office with “Hi, kids” (I’ve been doing this since my early 20s).
  • CHoward’s Scented Gum and Violet Mints.
  • Answering machine message is a recording of an accordion and nothing else.

Anybody care to offer/make an accusation?


July 14th, 2006

clicking here does nothing


July 14th, 2006

Stephen Wiltshire

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