June 6th, 2006

well when i came home i changed shoes and went through my mail from today and yesterday and threw out the real junk mail and kept the bills and one zero percent interest rate for a little more than a year credit card offer then left to go see my parents for dinner and to bake a cake with my mom i hadnt baked a cake since high school and i wanted to learn how to again and to bake a rum cake like my mother always made for my birthday it isnt a rum cake like some people know of but like a yellow sponge cake with rum flavoring and rum icing that is like milk and powdered or confectioners sugar only instead of milk you use rum and it tastes so good i would always ask for it for my birthday because on your birthday you could have whatever cake you wanted even if it was a rum cake and your sister couldnt stand it you could have it anyway only my car died in front of a church

so this young guy let me use his cell phone and i called my autoclub and i was on hold for forever and twenty minutes but they sent somebody and the somebody got there just before the church service for the graduates in blue robes got out becuase my car died just as they were going in and i got towed to the garage well not towed really becuase it was a rolloff truck and it rolled on then rolled off the rolloff and it was taken to the garage and i got out and the car rolled off the rolloff and they drove away there wasnt even anything for me to sign and i had a fortyfive minute walk home and i wish i hadnt changed my shoes

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