March 31st, 2006

Total Tactics: Heavy on the Chevy

Chevrolet wants you to design their new Tahoe (SUV) ad. So some people did. People who don’t… like… SUVs.


March 30th, 2006

Joi Ito’s Web: on Comment spam poetry


March 30th, 2006

Ocean Defenders – the weblog – Happiness: The Chinese zombie ships of West Africa

We’re in the big African Queen inflatable, cruising alongside an anchored trawler. It’s more rust than metal – the ship is rotting away. The foredeck is covered in broken machinery. The fish deck is littered with frayed cables, and the mast lies horizontally, hanging over the starboard side. A large rusty Chinese character hangs on railings above the bridge, facing forward. It reads ‘happiness’.


March 29th, 2006

laminar flow

Nonturbulent flow of a viscous fluid in layers near a boundary, as that of lubricating oil in bearings.


March 29th, 2006

S. P. McGreevy’s 1996-2005 Natural VLF Radio Phenomena Audio Files

Space-Weather Sounds


March 29th, 2006

Silliman’s Blog: Dmitri Prigov.

Conceptual poets emerged in the 1970s in the old Soviet Union as the answer to multiple problems: (1) how to pursue a career when the state monopolizes the means of production and only publishes the most conservative poets imaginable, (2) how to write critically even of the post-Stalinoid Communist Party without committing suicide or consigning oneself to internal or external exile. When I was in what was then Leningrad in 1989, Prigov was surrounded by a posse of younger poets, distributing “poems” that had been torn to pieces and then sealed into envelopes. You could, in theory, tear open the envelope & piece together the original text, tho in practice I never met anyone who had done so. Like Goldsmith, Prigov appeared to practice a poetics that didn’t require reading in order to “get it,” and which proved useful in throwing situations into new social frames that rendered them visible in new ways.

I used to pore through Silliman’s What over and over again, unless I’m confusing it with Tjanting. Poetry lurks at the corners of my thoughts and threatens to invade my primary brain-space, but hasn’t for years. I only recently discovered his blog, which is apparently quite popular.


March 29th, 2006

The Times-Tribune – News – 03/29/2006 – Smile! Cameras to monitor city

After a weekend trip to Maryland, Scranton officials are sold on the idea of installing surveillance cameras in the Electric City to help fight crime.

“It is something we definitely will do,” Mayor Chris Doherty said Monday after Police Chief David Elliott and Capt. Carl Graziano returned from a brainstorming session with Baltimore police over the installation of surveillance cameras.

Baltimore began using cameras in 1996. Since then, it has installed 262, said Baltimore Police Officer Troy Harris. They have been placed on light poles at intersections, atop buildings, in police cars and patrol vehicles, even in helicopters, Officer Harris said.

Cameras mounted on top of buildings in the city’s famed Inner Harbor can identify a car on a bridge miles away. And they are effective, he said. Since they’ve been in use, arrests are up 20 percent for everything from petty to violent crime, he said.


Wow! Arrests up 20%!!! And the effect on crime is….. unkown and unmentioned. But they’re throwing more citizens in jail!. Too bad they can’t go after the big corporations that get $2 million tax breaks and then pull out of the area. That would slightly more cost-effective use of our tax-dollars, no?

March 31, 2006 UPDATE: John Cole cartoon on a better placement for the cams.


March 28th, 2006

Dan Goodsell’s a sampler of things: Lemonhead Speaks

Animation of an Imaginary World character. Woo-hoo!


March 28th, 2006

Whilom, as olde stories tellen us, Ther was a blogge; That gretter was ther noon under the sonne:
Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog


March 27th, 2006

Drawing Restraint 9 – Trailer

Some idiot gave Matthew Barney a f**k-load of money, again.

G-d help us all.


More DR9 “goodness”:

Also, Why I Hate Lemons:

d**n you, floating lemons; d**n you straight to hell


Previous posts:

05.06.06 UPDATE Jerry Saltz at the Village Voice LOVES the movie. He had the following to say:

Rather, Barney is what he’s always been: a mystic exploring his own inner cathedral — someone as surprised, I imagine, as anyone at what he finds. As artist Hadassa Goldvicht writes, “He dives so deep into his world that it becomes a new religion.” Barney’s ambition looms large, his vision is epic, but he’s still a very eccentric, almost outsider artist.

Very few mystics and/or outsider artists get millions of dollars to fund their projects. Jack Smith was an outsider-artist film-maker. Matthew Barney is not.


March 27th, 2006

Medium Large channels the digital soul:

binary slam poetry

Compare and contrast.


March 23rd, 2006

Spacetime – a photoset on Flickr

spacetime is blurred


March 23rd, 2006

Media Art Net | Schmelzdahin: City in Flames

Before the pictures and soundtrack were reworked, the original footage was buried in the garden, deliberately exposed to bacteria and microbes, and copied when the emulsion began to liquefy.

Via MeFi which has several more luscious links.


March 23rd, 2006

Ironic Sans provides us with Pre-pixillated clothes for our eventual reality-tv appearances.


Question: since we all appear on reality-tv every day (think security cams) how will the typical viewer react in these mundane situations?

Answer: probably won’t.


March 20th, 2006


Shockwave text version of Asteroids.


March 20th, 2006

BLDGBLOG – Tatlin’s Tower

The Distributed Monument to the Third International.


March 20th, 2006

SouthFlorida.com – Costco Checking Authenticity of Picassos

Via News from Me.


March 17th, 2006

So, whaddaya want to know?


March 17th, 2006

The Times-Tribune – News – 03/17/2006 – A brief local history of Hooters’ Air


March 17th, 2006
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