February 21st, 2006

Warrenellis.com holds another knife to our throat and whispers in our ear that “X-Ray Specs Are In Development.”

This real life ‘x-ray specs’ effect relies on a property of matter that is usually ignored that the electrons it contains move in a wave-like way. What we have learnt is how to control these waves directly. The results can be pretty weird at times, but it’s very exciting and so fundamental. At the moment the effect can only be produced in a lab under specific conditions but it has the potential to lead to all sorts of new applications.”

The team also discovered that as light passes through this new material, it slows right down and could potentially be completely stopped and stored. Professor Phillips believes this has important implications for entirely secure information networks. He says:

“When we send information, for example by sending light pulses down optical fibres, it can only be accessed by making a form of measurement, and these measurements always disturb the information. This technology offers us a means of sending light signals through a network without us having to disturb them ourselves. Now, if confidential information is being spied on, the disturbance shows up straight away and we can nab the eavesdropper with 100% certainty.”

Reminds me of the work of Mr. Hubertise, only without the bear-suit.


February 21st, 2006

Warrenellis.com forces us to look at Sprites In Black And White — high atmosphere effects sometimes seen during thunderstorms.

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