February 1st, 2006

Nam June Paik is dead, alas.

UPDATE 2012.05.31:

February 1st, 2006

Exhibition Images in Paris – Cité des Sciences, France – The interactive Mona Lisa – Mona Lips-synch

Too bad she doesn’t sing, or something.

Via Il Filtro del Meta.

February 1st, 2006

BLDGBLOG: Mineral TV and the Archipelago of Abandoned Shopping Malls

[…] [I]instead of demolishing old buildings, perhaps we should detach them from the Earth’s surface and send them into space as lessons for alien species. Like that Michael Crichton novel. You could learn about the Earth by studying its architecture – because the planet flings buildings everywhere. Constantly.
Archipelagoes of abandoned shopping malls pulled slowly toward distant planets. There goes the Mall of America…

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