November 15th, 2005

Scranton Times-Tribune – 1/15/2005- On newly amicable Throop council, ‘circus is over’


THROOP — The Municipal Building held a Borough Council meeting without yelling, screaming, personal accusations or finger pointing.


It was an unusually cordial atmosphere at Monday night’s meeting. Bills were paid. Motions were passed harmoniously. And borough leaders assured employees that they’ll be paid every week.

“The circus is over,” said new council President Thomas Lukasewicz. “We’re going to move forward from this point.”

Mr. Lukasewicz was appointed president, replacing Daryl Menichetti, who, along with Vice President Cindy Johnson, resigned their leadership positions.

Neither Ms. Menichetti nor Ms. Johnson attended Monday’s meeting. Councilman James Barnick was appointed vice president.

Council also accepted Councilwoman Susan Shortz’s resignation from the board and appointed Councilman-elect John Musewicz to fill her spot.

Mr. Musewicz emerged from the crowd and took Ms. Shortz’s seat after being sworn in by Mayor Stan Lukowski.

Mr. Musewicz joins Mr. Lukasewicz, Mr. Barnick and Councilman Joe Barone to form a four-person majority voting bloc on council.

Next in the line of resignations was borough solicitor John Brazil, citing in his resignation letter the borough moving in a different direction with the new majority voting bloc taking power in January.

His replacement: former borough solicitor Louis Cimini, hired at an annual salary of $40,000 — $4,000 more than Mr. Brazil earned per year.

That rendition of musical chairs is enough to make anyone dizzy. Borough leaders say it will help move the town forward.

“It’s going to be difficult at first,” Mr. Lukasewicz said. “There continues to be a lot of animosity in this borough and it’s just got to stop.”

Councilmen say they also want to get the financial state of the borough back on track. Ten borough employees were not paid last Thursday because Ms. Menichetti and Ms. Johnson weren’t available to sign off on the checks.

The employees finally received their paychecks Monday after Mr. Barnick signed off on the checks. Recently, the lack of appropriate signatures and the lack of a quorum at borough meetings has also allowed vendors and utilities to go unpaid.

Council paid nearly all of its outstanding debts Monday — about $91,000 worth — and borough manager Robert Hegedus said he expects to end the year at least $250,000 in the black.

He’ll also have some help. Council appointed former administrators Elaine Morrell and Lenore Dolan as financial consultant, hired at $25 per hour to help get the books back in order.

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Well, that’s a good thing, I guess. In a way, I’ll miss the old times, though.

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