November 10th, 2005

Srcranton Times-Tribune: Without leader Throop has no one to pay bills

Without leader Throop has no one to pay bills

THROOP — Right now it seems no one wants to hold the reins in borough government.

In the past few weeks, both Council President Daryl Menichetti and Vice President Cindy Johnson have surrendered their leadership positions, citing conflicting opinions of the state of the borough’s finances with manager Robert Hegedus.

In the meantime, it’s unclear who will step up and take charge in this politically divided borough until a new majority voting bloc takes over in January.

Paychecks to borough employees must be signed off on by either the president of council or the vice president.

“Something has to be done. You can’t have these bills not being paid,” Mayor Stan Lukowski said.

Councilwoman Susan Shortz, — who sits on the majority voting bloc of Council with Ms. Menichetti, Ms. Johnson and Councilman George Marushock — said she’s not interested in assuming a leadership position. Efforts to reach Mr. Marushock were unsuccessful.

“There’s so much going on right now, it would be like banging your head against the wall,” Mrs. Shortz said.

Mrs. Shortz said it’s possible to see a member of the minority voting bloc take over as council president until January when political power on the board will shift anyway.

The issue of leadership and who wants it is likely to be discussed today at the 7 p.m. Borough Council meeting. Resignations of both Ms. Menichetti and Ms. Johnson will have to be accepted by council.

“We just don’t know yet,” Councilman James Barnick said. “This place is a mess and it’s been a mess since January of last year.”

Mr. Barnick, Councilmen Thomas Lukasewicz and Joe Barone assume power next year, joined by John Musewicz, who was elected to Council on Tuesday.

Elected officials also need to start discussions about next year’s budget. State law says the Borough Council must adopt a final budget by Dec. 31.

The borough’s financial status has been questioned by nearly all council members, especially Ms. Menichetti and Ms. Johnson, both of whom claim there are unpaid bills pending.

However, Mr. Hegedus insists that there is about $900,000 in the general fund.

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Plus ca la change, plus ca la meme chose. (more articles in the continuing saga of the Throop Borough political disintegration)

Except that nothing has changed. So, nevermind.


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