September 8th, 2005

Recent observations from Our Man in Wormtown:

Bruce: You gotta fight fire with fire.

Mike: I don’t think that works. You gotta
fight fire with water.

Bruce: Really, you should fight fire with
your mind. Because that’s what God gave

A year after graduating from Caltech, I was back
to see Sarah and Anil graduate, and was chatting
with a group of Darbs. One of the frosh said
something disgusting, and I said, “Oh, gross,”
and Patrick Drew said, “You’re one to talk, Benedetti.
You brought the vomit enema to Caltech.”

One of the prouder moments of my life. Now if I’d
actually brought the ve to Tech, and not just empty
talk of the COUM Transmissions act, well, that
would get into LEGENDS OF CALTECH for sure.

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