September 21st, 2005

The Times-Tribune – Throop manager returns after resigning

Remember yesterday, when he quit?

09/21/2005 – Throop manager returns after resigning – BY MATTHEW CHARLES KEMENY staff writer

THROOP — After submitting his resignation letter on Friday, borough manager Robert Hegedus is already back to work for the borough, saying that he quit out of frustration and calling the whole situation a “misunderstanding.”

Mr. Hegedus withdrew his letter and officially punched the clock at the Borough Building about 10 a.m. on Monday.

The 40-year-old Throop native sent Borough Council a resignation letter on Friday, a week after he was hired as borough manager.

“It was a moment of panic and misunderstanding on my part,” he said about the letter.

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September 20th, 2005

Neasden Control Centre has new work up, plus animations.

rocket #9 take off for the planet


September 20th, 2005

The Times-Tribune – News – 09/20/2005 – Throop Manager/treasurer quits after one week

I live in Throop.

09/20/2005 Manager/treasurer quits after one week


THROOP — Some people take vacations longer than Robert Hegedus’ tenure as Throop borough manager.

After serving only a week in the dual role of borough manager/treasurer, Mr. Hegedus resigned Friday, citing “petty politics” that has “stalled this community for months.”

“The behavior of certain employees and some elected officials is shocking,” Mr. Hegedus wrote in his resignation letter to Borough Council. “I truly believe that two of the persons appointing me would … try to ‘back-door’ me into some sort of political circus.”

Mr. Hegedus, 40, started as borough manager Sept. 9 with a salary of $37,500 after former manager Ken Novak resigned to take another borough manager job in Dickson City, where he had been employed before.

His said his goal as manager was to unify a deeply divided council that has squabbled for years over a variety of issues. However, he decided to give up the post after he said he was accused by council members Daryl Menichetti, George Marushock, Cindy Johnson and Sue Shortz — the board’s majority voting bloc — of “being an infidel for speaking with the minority.”

Ms. Menichetti refuted that accusation.

“Give me a break,” she said. “He was talking to them and spending time with them. I thought he should have been using that time attending to the duties of the office.”

Mr. Hegedus said he will meet with council Tuesday during an executive session to discuss the issue.

Councilman James Barnick said was against hiring Mr. Hegedus because he said the borough manager position was not advertised. He said the resignation is another “black eye” for the borough.

“Nothing’s going to get done,” he said. “This is one of their (the majority voting bloc) own people turning against them.”

Mr. Hegedus lost in a bid for a Throop Borough Council seat in May’s Democratic primary.


September 17th, 2005

a photoset on Flickr – Mom’s Recipes


September 17th, 2005

paperrad makes very weird movies

happy scary funny weird color movies


September 16th, 2005

For a kindergarten show&tell, I brought in my recorder. I can’t remember what I explained about it, but David Newman, who in eighth grade would have the biggest breasts in the class, no mean feat when you take Melissa’s into consideration, but that might be highly colored by later recollections, and I can’t precisely remember her dimensions in 1983 but I digress.


In kindergarten when I attempted to show off my plastic recorder, David Newman continaully interrupted asking “can it record people? can it record people?”

I think I attempted to ignore him and continue showing it off, but I can’t really remember anything else about the presentation.


September 15th, 2005

i'm having a seizure right now and just thought I'd share

I have no idea what to make of the painful optic extra-sensory excursion that is paperrad.

these guys make my eyeballs bleed


September 14th, 2005

The Albright Memorial Library’s Reference Department is penning a blog devoted to references to Our Regional Metropolii, or — Scranton/Wilkes-Barre At The Movies.

Despite the limiting title, the blog extends it purview to books and music.


September 14th, 2005

The View From Scranton: Downtown Saturday Night

uch was the sorta sordid story last eve at Test Pattern, the only venue I’ve seen where once I would’ve hung, where I once would’ve been welcome. A storefront gallery, much like the storefronts of the East Village ‘80s, particularly Civilian Warfare or 101 St. Mark’s, though with a peculiarly Chicago bent (this, after all, is America), the Pattern is ramshackle and charming and honest and most importantly, it’s there. A haven and a showplace for Scranton’s indie artist set.


Then Conor McGuigan, local gadfly, roustabout and proprietor of the joint, dashed to hide the tip jar near where I inadvertently happened to be standing. I hadn’t even noticed the thing till he had it in his hands. By then I was mortified. I’ve done some mortifying things in my days; but nothing quite so scummy. And nothing quite so struck me. That I’d even be considered so below low was tantamount to a tarring. I wanted to tell the cat that I robbed banks, not galleries, especially not cool little indie galleries struggling to make their way through the morass.


[…] the crafty Cassie Rose Kobeski, Test Pattern’s artist in residence for the month of September. Her show, ‘Nobody Kids On Me,’ is a hodgepodge of cleverly assemblaged knowing, equal parts Belmar and Johns, all parts on display. These are the stirs of our souls. Beth B would approve, as would Marie Kennedy, two wily women artslingers of equally explicit strength. Since I’m of a more literal mind, I kept thinkin’ of Mary Gaitskill’s Two Girls, Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love, and Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry, and all the other knockout narrativists I dig so much but fail too often to recall. Kobeski triggered the recollection. Her work is that potent. That imploreful. Her show a wondrous welcome blast back to a place where a future exists, a future made to mean, a future with a vivid visual core.

The View From Scranton is a new blog from, er, Scranton.


September 13th, 2005

Whoops. That doesn’t look right.

felix fortuna


September 9th, 2005

And potholes. Don't forget the World's Largest Pothole!!!


September 8th, 2005

Recent observations from Our Man in Wormtown:

Bruce: You gotta fight fire with fire.

Mike: I don’t think that works. You gotta
fight fire with water.

Bruce: Really, you should fight fire with
your mind. Because that’s what God gave

A year after graduating from Caltech, I was back
to see Sarah and Anil graduate, and was chatting
with a group of Darbs. One of the frosh said
something disgusting, and I said, “Oh, gross,”
and Patrick Drew said, “You’re one to talk, Benedetti.
You brought the vomit enema to Caltech.”

One of the prouder moments of my life. Now if I’d
actually brought the ve to Tech, and not just empty
talk of the COUM Transmissions act, well, that
would get into LEGENDS OF CALTECH for sure.


September 8th, 2005

English As She Is Spoke is perhaps the world’s worst-ever phrasebook.

Call me overly-cautious, but — despite the plethora of origin detail — the publishing association with McSweeney’s makes me suspicious….


September 8th, 2005

A Flickr photoset of Howard Pyle’s Pirates.

sailing sailing, over the bounding main


September 8th, 2005



September 4th, 2005

Rightwing film geek

A priest, a father and mother, their two sons, three daughters, two altar boys and dog walk into a talent agency. The father says to the talent agent, “We got an amazing family act.”
The agent says, “OK, show me what you got.”
The priest puts on his vestments and takes the two altar boys offstage. He hands one altar boy a processional crucifix, and the other altar boy a thurible with the incense already burning. The family take positions in the center of the stage. The priest and altar boys march onstage and proceed to this makeshift altar at the back of the stage. The priest tells the family to call to mind their sins and they say a Latin Confeitor, followed by a sung Kyrie and Gloria with a choir brought in just at the right moment. The father then walks up to a podium stage right and reads from the Old Testament. Then the mother goes up to the podium and reads from one of the Epistles. Then the priest goes there and reads from the Gospel. He then gives a 5-minute homily that has the whole family in tears. Then they all say the Nicene Creed in perfect unison … even the two-year-old. Then they pray for world peace. The altar boys then cleanse the altar with the incense, and father and the mother bring bread and wine to the altar and the priest blesses the gifts and prays over them. God then changes their substance to the Body and Blood of Christ. They say a Latin Sanctus, a chanted Lord’s Prayer (without holding hands) and a Latin Agnus Dei, all in perfect unison with the choir. Then the whole family walks backstage, kneels at the communion rail and all take Communion on the mouth, except the 2-year-old, whom the priest blesses for having been silent throughout. The priest bids farewell, with “ite, Missa est” and marches offstage in procession with the altar boys while the family kneels in reverent prayer.
And the clincher — it’s all celebrated ad orientem.

The agent says “wow, that’s a hell of an act. What’s it called?”

“The aristocrats.”

Courtesy of Mr. Benedetti.

I so want to tell this joke to my mother — and am terrified that either 1) I would have to explain it or 2) she would understand it already.


September 4th, 2005


A flash [ugh] interface to a “curated” collection of notes on Eastern European artists in the 20th century.

Thanks to Bob at Left Matrix.


September 2nd, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Bjork launches celluloid comeback

Icelandic singer Bjork and her artist boyfriend Matthew Barney have launched their first experimental collaboration at the Venice Film Festival.

Shot in Nagasaki Bay on a Japanese whaling vessel, Drawing Restraint 9 stars the singer and her partner as human beings who turn into whales.

Bjork also composed the soundtrack for the film – her first since 2000.

“Matthew created the script and the film’s universe and I made the music to fit into this universe,” she said.

“I had no input into the visuals. If there’s any influence it’s definitely not conscious.”

Bjork vowed never to act again after making Dancer in the Dark in 2000, despite winning a best actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

But the singer broke her promise to work with her conceptual artist boyfriend on a film whose “core idea” is described as “the relationship between self-imposed resistance and creativity”.

In Drawing Restraint 9, Bjork and Barney first appear dressed in mammal fur costumes.

They then take part in a tea ceremony before blowing through blowhole-like orifices on the back of their necks and cutting away at each other’s feet and thighs with knives.

“When we first met we decided not to work together,” Bjork said.

“But it came to the point when it was almost easier to work together than not work together.

“We planted seeds for five years without having anything in mind. When we started to do this it was harvest time.”

“It was something both of us could sink our teeth into,” added Barney.

Drawing Restraint 9 received its world premiere on Friday as part of the festival’s Horizons section.


September 1st, 2005

Gas Taxes – a state-by-state list.


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