July 27th, 2005

Ninagawa Mika’s Official Website


July 26th, 2005

The Pensacola News Journal is No Longer Available at Wal-Mart


July 25th, 2005

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Purikura

Purikura (????) refers to a type of photobooth in Japan. The word itself is a shortened form of Print Club in Japanese pronunciation, an example of wasei-eigo (English that is “made in Japan”). Jointly developed by Atlas and Sega, the first purikura was sold in July of 1995, and ??????? (purinto kurabu, or “print club”) is a registered trademark.

These photobooths are extremely popular in Japan; many arcades have entire floors dedicated to these machines. Sometimes wigs and other cosplay items, to be used in the machines, are available for rent for any interested people. The machines themselves are much larger than a typical American photobooth and offer many more options. A typical booth is large enough to hold up to eight people, and some are even larger. They typically cost between 300 and 600 yen per session. Once the money is inserted, between two to ten different pictures can be taken. A common pose being some form of the peace hand sign, or other gesture. Once the pictures are taken, the occupants select those that they wish to keep and print using a touch sensitive screen or pen-sensitive screen. The pictures can then be decorated on the screen with a vast array of virtual stamps, borders, and text.

During this process, J-Pop music is often played and a high-pitched female voice walks the occupants through the procedure and gives such orders as, “Uan, Tsu, Surii, Pouzu,” (The Japanese pronunciation of the borrowed English words “One, Two, Three, Pose,” ) Finally, the amount and size of the pictures to be printed is chosen, and after about a minute they are printed out, in glossy full color sheets, to be cut up and split among the group. Generally, the back side can be peeled off, so the photos serve as stickers as well.

There are many variations on the typical booth. Some take pictures from many different angles within the booth, while others print the pictures on special paper, some booths have different backgrounds that can be pulled down, are decorated with items such as a fake log, use various different lights, or the booth might let you superimpose trademarked images such as Hello Kitty on your picture.

Another trait of Print Club machines is to have different frames (the picture that surrounds the photo taken) distributed around different machines in different parts of Japan, meaning that sufficiently motivated people can go around and get their picture taken at all of them to collect all the frames.

Purikura is generally used by teenagers, especially girls, but not exclusively. Many young girls carry around books of purikura photos to show to and trade with their friends.

While this is primarily a Japanese phenomenon, there are some Print Club booths in the west, but not many.


July 25th, 2005

Times-Tribune – News – 07/25/2005 – The Casey site secures a tenant

And it is, of course, a chain.

We lost a fine family-owned restaurant when this revitalization began, and we’ve replaced it with crap.

Which is a real pity, becuase — otherwise — the projects are very good.


July 24th, 2005

foldedspace.org: Get Rich Slowly!

Discussion of approaches to Financial Independence.


July 23rd, 2005

MEDIA ALERT: Prophet Yahweh, Seer Of Yahweh, Will Call Down UFOs For Radio And Television News And Talk Shows In All 50 States Of America, One State At A Time.

MEDIA ALERT: Prophet Yahweh, Seer Of Yahweh, Will Call Down UFOs For Radio And Television News And Talk Shows In All 50 States Of America, One State At A Time.

Beginning August 7, 2005, Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, will start his “50 State UFO Summoning Tour 2005.” During this time, UFOs will appear on Prophet’s signal for radio or television news and talk shows to film and photograph.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 20, 2005 — Prophet Yahweh, Seer of YAHWEH, was blessed to discover the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on-demand. Since 1979, hundreds of UFOs have appeared on his signal for witnesses to see.

Prophet is willing to call down UFOs for your station’s news or talk show to video and photograph? Want to find out more about this? Just keep reading.

On May 23, 2005, Prophet sent out a press release announcing his Las Vegas Media-Only UFO Summoning Event. In it, he stated that for 45 days, TV camera crews would immediately start filming UFOs that appeared on his signal, if TV stations came and filmed him summoning them. Prophet also said that if the media continued filming his summonings, sometime before the 45 day Las Vegas Media-Only summoning was over, a spaceship would descend and sit in the sky over Las Vegas for a day and a half.

read more…


July 22nd, 2005

dj BC presents Glassbreaks

Philip Glass vs. HipHip

A Philip Glass joke.

It has been pointed out in the comments that there is a typo, above. So be it.


July 22nd, 2005

Guardian Unlimited — Gushing Faucet Could Land Artist in Court

Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) – Mark McGowan went into the tiny backroom kitchen of a south London gallery three weeks ago and flipped on the cold water. He didn’t turn it off, and doesn’t plan to for an entire year.

“The Running Tap,” as it’s called, is McGowan’s effort to protest against wasted water in London by blatantly letting it go down the drain.

“When you’ve got the tap on at home, you don’t think about it. That’s why this is art, because it makes people consider it,” the environmentalist said.

The gushing faucet is an expensive exhibition that could waste about 3.9 million gallons of water. It could also land McGowan in a legal battle with Thames Water, the utility company. The circular sink has already swallowed about 193,000 gallons of water during a season declared the driest in London since 1976.

The project has outraged Thames Water, which said it could cost about $23,320 if the faucet runs for 365 days. The water company pleaded with McGowan to close the tap, but in vain.

“I think he certainly made a point,” said Thames Water Spokeswoman Hilary Bennett. “We understand where he’s coming from and we’re sympathetic to that. However, he should turn it off now.”

After two angry Londoners shut the tap off, McGowan turned it back on.

“If you’re going to waste some water, you might as well waste it for a year,” McGowan said. “It’s always good to complete projects.”

Update 08.02.2005:He’s gonna shut it off.

Some more of McGowan’s work.


July 20th, 2005

Ancient Worlds News – Pre-Incas kept detailed records too – 20/07/2005


But Dr Ruth Shady, an archeologist leading investigations into the Peruvian coastal city of Caral, says quipus were among a treasure trove of articles discovered at the site, which is about 5000 years old.

“This is the oldest quipu and it shows us that this society … also had a system of ‘writing’ [which] would continue down the ages until the Inca empire and would last some 4500 years,” Shady says.



July 19th, 2005

Images of Venus


July 18th, 2005

New York Times – In Shift, Bush Says He’ll Fire Aides Who ‘Committed a Crime’


July 15th, 2005

Whatever: Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment

Do you think a mob of angry veterans won’t kick your ass for burning the flag, just because one of the stars is a circle, or one of the stripes is pink, or you’ve embossed the Hamburgler into the corner? As if. You’ll get a stomping, all right, because it looks like an American flag, even if it is not, and burning it feels like you’re burning the American flag, even if you’re not.

And of course, that’s the point: by not burning the Flag of the United States but rather something excruciatingly close to it, you’re not violating a Constitutional Amendment, but engaging in free speech, which is of course covered by the First Amendment. You’re getting all the impact of burning the US flag, with none of the Constitutional risk (although you may still get your ass kicked by angry veterans). You’ve cracked the flag-burning Amendment.


July 15th, 2005

AXJ’s truck

Uhhhhhm, I don’t know why I referred to this as “fire.” Well, maybe.

Anyway, more information at some later point of time.


July 15th, 2005

You know, if you’re thinking that things are pretty boring here at Camp Xradiograph and the U.S. in general, you could always head over to pieceoplastic.com (where “the revolution will be blogged”) becuase — despite what you may think, you ignorant American, you — Switzerland is pretty darned funky.


July 15th, 2005

The Times-Tribune – News – 07/15/2005 – Altering a masterpiece: the Scranton Courthouse

artist's rendering


Joseph G. Rominski of Highland Associates in Clarks Summit knows his solution — two additions at either end of the Lackawanna County Courthouse — won’t satisfy everyone.

There have been grumblings about the potential loss of green space on Courthouse Square, and rumblings about dramatically altering the appearance and function of a 121-year-old building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Everybody is always going to question how you add on to a structure like this. It is a challenge,” Mr. Rominski said.

Mr. Rominski said most of the feedback he’s received has centered on the green space, which will increase slightly, and not the aesthetics of the additions.

Unveiled in late May by majority Commissioners Robert C. Cordaro and A.J. Munchak, the $48.5 million project will more than double the size of the 65,000-square-foot courthouse, which itself will be completely renovated. Construction will begin this fall with a projected completion date of September 2007.
read more…


July 15th, 2005

calendarlive.com: The ‘shot’ heard ’round UCLA


fter long careers at UCLA, Chris Burden, a famous pioneer of disturbing and sometimes self-injuring performance art, and Nancy Rubins, an artist known internationally for gigantic sculptures, retired suddenly less than a month after Deutch’s performance (which no faculty member but Athey saw). They later explained that the university’s failure to suspend the first-year master’s degree candidate immediately was the last straw on top of their displeasure over budget cuts and other administrative issues. What Deutch had done, they said at the time through their art dealer, was a kind of “domestic terrorism” that made onlookers fear for their lives.


Standing in front of the class, Deutch pulled out a real-looking gun he had carved from wood. To make it seem genuine, Price said, Deutch had bought a .357 Magnum to use as a model then returned it to the gun dealer. He inserted what appeared to be a bullet, spun the cylinder and put the barrel against his head.

Deutch pulled the trigger, producing a click. Then he dashed into an adjoining hall. His lawyer said that he had pre-positioned “a big firecracker” in a can there and that he set it off, producing a bang. Then Deutch returned to the room, where normally a discussion and critique would have followed. Instead, “it was pandemonium,” Deutch said in a telephone interview. “The idea of a class structure or any critical thinking was blown out of the water.”



July 13th, 2005

Why Do You Work So Hard? / Is it maybe time to quit your safe job and follow your path and infuriate the establishment?


July 13th, 2005

Making Light: Yo, Wocky Jivvy, Wergle Flomp–

James D. Macdonald:

I who a piteous widow must complain.
My son, my joy, arrested by a squad —
And in far Lagos he shall soon be slain.
The cash for his defense my husband hid
(I mean the late Abacha, even he),

I cannot use; for unjust laws forbid
That my funds can now be released to me.
There’s thirty millions that I cannot touch
But I can send to you, a man I trust:
O heed a widow’s prayer; your sleeve I clutch!
Relying on your kindness now I must
Request the number of your bank account.
I swear you’ll gain a very great amount.

Josh Jasper

this is the song

of miriam abacha
the spammer

miriam is a widower
of some vizeer or wazoo
in darkest africa
and she claims
that her son
had absconded with
thirty large

after her old man
got sent to sing sing

that was a long time ago
and one must not be
surprised if miriam
has forgotten some of her
more regal manners



July 10th, 2005

Dr. Omed’s Tent Show Revival


July 9th, 2005

Why do you have to be such a C**t: A Cultural History

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