February 4th, 2005

Hurtubise says invention sees through walls

The Angel Light, as seen in a dream...
Photo by Bill Tremblay, Special to

Troy Hurtubise has done the seemingly impossible with his newest invention and defied all known rules of physics, he says.

The Angel Light—Hurtubise claims the concept came to him in a recurring dream—can reportedly see through walls, as if there was no barrier at all.

That’s not all, though.

So impressed
Hurtubise, 41, said the device detects stealth technology.

And he’s done the tests to prove it, with the covert help of scientists at the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hurtubise said. read more…

February 4th, 2005

The New York Times:
The Art of the Fan


Fan Web sites, from to Absolutely Zooey Deschanel (, share certain traits: gushy tributes, copyright-infringing use of paparazzi shots, a whiff of stalker enthusiasm. A new site,, is unusual for the subject it obsesses over – the Conceptual Art star Matthew Barney – but otherwise it hews to the norm. It borrows pictures of Mr. Barney with his wife, the pop singer Bjork. It summarizes each of his five “Cremaster” films. It even posts tribute poetry:

Pearl filled baths
The pigeons flap
His cremaster relaxes

But Cremaster Fanatic is a fake. Or to put it more kindly, it’s a parallel work of art. “I’m pretending to be a fan,” said its creator, the New York artist Eric Doeringer, who wrote that haiku himself (as “David Kramer,” one of many pseudonyms deployed on the site). read more…

February 4th, 2005

The following is a paid* advertisement by Mike Benedetti:

The wacky doctors’ game

On my fridge:

* Flyer for “Ex-Prisoners Support Group” at St. John’s Church.

* Flyer for “Free Meals” in Wormtown.

* Picture of lighthouse with a poem written by one of our guests, from
last year.

* Radford/Muniz “Save the Date!” mailing for their upcoming wedding
(a sweet piece of matrimonial pariphernalia).

* Small copy of Ben Shahn’s caricature of Gandhi.

* All this is held up with some gloriously cheesy “hip-hop” magnets
that Paulukonis gave me. They tend to gravitate towards Gandhi
(microphone, old-school hat, jewelry, etc.).

It probably indicates something that Radford rarely mentions the
hassles involved with wedding planning, whereas I am happy to
share the blow-by-blow on my shoulder crisis.

Monday I slipped on the ice and my right shoulder stopped working.
After a few days of intense fretting, today I went to the ER,
where they took half a dozen x-ray photographs. They were unable
to use gamma rays, probably because of the increased liability associated
with giving patients unwanted super-powers. The doctor said nothing
large seemed to be damaged, and that I have bursitis. If it does not
feel better after a couple weeks of rest and ibuprofen, I should go back
and probably get an MRI to see what is really going on. In the meantime
I will be exploring my options as a no-income person and see if they
are interested in providing “free care.”

I hate it when authors mention what album is in their stereo as part
of an article. Aiden (age 11 tomorrow) is getting really into They
Might Be Giants, but the undouted smash-hit of 52 Mason Street is
The Mountain Goats’ fantastic drug tale “Palmcorder Yajna.” Ah,
Holt Boulevard, between Gary and White. Hooked up with some friends at
the Travelodge, set ourselves up for the night.

The smash-hit movie has got to be NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Yesterday, while
I was preparing deep-dish pizza, Patrick (13) went into an extended
riff on the “chapstick” scene.

The guys who got arrested at the Sudanese Embassy in DC are back.
They have a trial date in May. The DA may actually seek a 90-day
sentence for their “unlawful assembly.” Anything could happen,
including the DA dropping the charges at the last minute. They will
prepare a deluxe defense, and organize their witnesses at a public
event to take advantage of the work in any case. SSD’s dream witness
would be Danny Glover, who did some civil disobedience at the Embassy
last fall (and, like all the folks at that protest, chose to pay a
small fine).

So there you go.

Worcester, Mass.


* okay; I lied. Mike didn’t pay me anything. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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