September 21st, 2004

In the beginning, in dimension filled with life energy, called Zone Energy, there was only one Spark (or Lasercore), spawned from primal energies of that plane.


September 21st, 2004

Galeria ascii


September 21st, 2004

AnneRice.Com: Musings From the Beach

After the publication of the The Queen of the Damned, I requested of my editor that she not give me anymore comments. I resolved to hand in the manuscripts when they were finished. And asked that she accept them as they were. She was very reluctant, feeling that her input had value, but she agreed to my wishes. I asked this due to my highly critical relationship with my work and my intense evolutionary work on every sentence in the work, my feeling for the rhythm of the phrase and the unfolding of the plot and the character development. I felt that I could not bring to perfection what I saw unless I did it alone. In othe words, what I had to offer had to be offered in isolation. So all novels published after The Queen of the Damned were written by me in this pure fashion, my editor thereafter functioning as my mentor and guardian.

Sweet Jesus, she’s a genius! I know exactly how she feels.

Her latest Amazon reviews, however, have been less-than-stellar. Ms. Rice responds (if you don’t believe it’s her, check out her other reviews).


September 21st, 2004

Vandals target [Louisiana] Democrats? office for second time

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