August 12th, 2004

Daniel Wurtzel – Sculptor

The idea of using Jell-O as a sculptural medium came to me as a result of consciously trying to free my mind from the traditional constraints of sculpture making. Over the course of a year of research, experimentation and testing, and with the help of numerous food scientists and chemists, I developed a recipe and technique for the creation of a unique Jell-O-like material. This new substance has the look, feel and scent of real Jell-O, yet is non-perishable with indefinite longevity.

Thanks to J-Walk.

August 12th, 2004

J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier II (MIDI) by Yo Tomita

In January 1995, a friend of mine, Professor Michael Beddow of Dept. of German, Leeds University, gave me a disk containing the first 12 preludes and fugues of J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II. They were sequenced by an anonymous enthusiast and deposited in the public domain on 17 August 1993. Ever since I am looking for this person to thank his or her effort, but so far in vain. In common with many of those freely available in internet, however, these MIDI files contained numerous errors, and subsequently I have decided to correct them. [….]

I have also added the remaining 12 to complete the set, as I have already edited the music with Finale for my research project. The new MIDI files, i.e. #13-24, were fairly straight MIDI output from Finale, but then I have added a gradual tempo change with Cakewalk for Windows. [….] All these files reflect my editorial decisions at the time; they are not based on a printed edition by other musicologists.

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