August 31st, 2004

Thou Art Only Born Again Once

“The name is More. Thomas More”. He flashed his sheriff’s badge. The beadle stepped back with fear in his eyes. As Sheriff of London, More held letters patent which allowed him to execute summary justice on any commoner up to the rank of gentleman without needing to bring the miscreant before a King’s magistrate. In short, More had a license to kill.


August 31st, 2004


Uhm, okay.

And forget about it if you’re on dial-up.


August 31st, 2004

Friendster-coder Joyce Park Fired for Blogging

Yeah, I cancelled my account, too.

Not that I used it much.


August 31st, 2004

Dennish Hastert is an ass.

Yes. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. A complete, utter, partisan ass.


August 31st, 2004

Don’t ask why, but for some reason, I decided to look up Billy Barty, this morning. Here’s a filmography, official website, and the Billy Barty Foundation , from whence comes this excerpt:

I am a dwarf. This means I was born with a medically recognized condition that makes my body smaller than the average person’s. The name of my condition is Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia, but you can just call me Billy.

Most of us with dwarfism prefer to be described as “Little People”. And please, put the emphasis on the word “People.” We did not spring from the pages of a storybook or emerge from an enchanted forest. We are not magical beings and we are not monsters. We are parents and sons and daughters. We are doctors and lawyers and realtors and teachers. We dream, cry, laugh, shout, fall in love, and make mistakes. We are no different from you.

Dwarfism is a condition that affects over 1.5 million people in the U.S. alone, and there are over 100 different types of dwarfism. Most Little People are born to families with no history of dwarfism. Even today, in the most open-minded and prejudice-intolerant society ever in recorded human history, people with dwarfism are still subjected to degrading stereotypes, societal barriers, and attitudinal barriers. We endure everything from job discrimination and reduced social opportunities to physical abuse and open public ridicule on a daily basis.

Okay, you want to know the truth? I was trying to track down an anecdote about the time when Barty was a member of the Spike Jones band, and would play the pair of pants that ran across the stage in Laura. I remember somebody talking about bumping into a pair of pants with a cigar sticking out of them, smoking….


August 30th, 2004

Reuters.com: Cleaner Tosses Art Out with the Garbage

LONDON (Reuters) – A cleaner at London’s Tate Britain modern art gallery threw out a bag of garbage that was part of an artwork because it was thought to be trash, British newspapers reported Friday.

The transparent bag of garbage — full of newspaper, cardboard and other bits of paper — formed part of a work by German-born artist Gustav Metzger called “Recreation Of First Public Demonstration Of Auto-Destructive Art.”

It was on display next to a sheet of nylon that had been spattered with acid, and a metal sculpture on a table when a cleaner tossed it out with the other trash.

A Tate spokesman said the mistake was made the day before the exhibition opened at the end of June, and although the bag was later rescued, it had been damaged and Metzger had to replace it with another one.

The newspapers said the spokesman would not reveal how much the bag had cost to replace.

“It’s now covered over at night so it can’t be removed,” the spokesman told the Times.

But y’all have heard this already. Like, everywhere, right?


August 28th, 2004

A gallery of UnusualXRays.


August 27th, 2004

Coming to Light

an exhibit of current Stained Glass by Jay & Mary Ann Paulukonis
Aug 26 — Sept 18, 2004
AFA Gallery
514 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, PA
Opening Reception Friday, Aug 27, 6-8 pm
Gallery Talk Wed, Sept 15, 8pm

Sweet Cherry, detail

ie, my parents.

Of some interest may be Reflections, the gallery blog. It’s getting more stuff. Oh, and if you’ve got any complaints, send ’em my way—I’m their webmaster. :::sigh::: and I’m a bit behind….


August 26th, 2004

More English Fairy Tales: The Hobyahs

More importantly, the story of Little Dog Turpie and what happens when you bark too much.


August 25th, 2004


August 25th, 2004

Hello Kitty Overdrive

I will find back the source of this saccharine-fueled cuteness injection and link it here, someday.


August 24th, 2004

The Odd Cult of Philip K. Dick

aka I am bitter, hear me rant:

[….] The [SF] genre is obviously low-grade escapism written for simpleminded adults or, at best, clever kids. Never mind any claims its writers may make for legitimacy, no matter on what grounds or with what evidence. Simply look at the reams of crap flowing through the bookstores like so many Big Macs?Billions Served!?and the truth becomes obvious. Or just look at the book covers.

Ah, yes. That was unique and insightful.


August 23rd, 2004


BannerReport.com hosts a massive gallery of banner ads and will be of special interest to graphic designers, web developers, marketing professionals and as those with an interest in online advertising.

BannerReport.com is the creation of Web Evangelist, Tari Akpodiete. After an extensive internet search for examples of banner advertising, Tari discovered that while there was a lot of information on the subject, there were very few comprehensive visual resources available. And so the idea of BannerReport.com was born.

Determined to build the biggest and best banner ad gallery on the web, Tari has spent the last few years obsessively gathering banner ads. As a result, BannerReport.com features some of the finest examples of banner advertisements available. The centerpiece of BannerReport.com is a searchable database of banner ads covering many categories and subjects, totalling nearly 15 000 images and counting.

Oh, my freakin’ word.


August 20th, 2004

Chip Kidd vs. Dr. Stanley Milgram

In USA Today, of all places.


August 18th, 2004

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Chris had some trouble carrying her guitar on airplanes, recently. Really, the trouble wasn’t so much the guitars as the airlines. Those, poor, poor Airlines that need Federal (ie, our tax dollars) money to help them out.

Me, I’m gonna walk everywhere…


August 17th, 2004

This guy has an interesting, um, website.

Or whatever it is.


August 17th, 2004

BoingBoing directed me to Peter Bagge’s venting his spleen on contemporary art. There’s a lot of ways to take this, and I’m going to fill in my repsonses later…. of additional note is THE LAUGHING TIKI “AN ESSAY ON MODERN ART” that has appeared in Retro-Crush. Both are by pop-culters with a very negative take on the art scene. I’m smelling a lot of straw-men burning in these two screeds….


August 16th, 2004


An, uh, video by Diana DeFrancesco .


August 16th, 2004

The Official Random Chicken


August 16th, 2004

the Secret of the Blog

The Secret of Olyphant

Over a year ago, I posted a short article that I found in a copier at work. While the host-blog is virtually inactive, that thread lives on. Monstrously so, once the subject of the article found it, and started posting his massive theses as comments, chunk-by-chunk. Feast, upon The Secrets of Olyphant [cue spectral echo SFX]

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