June 23rd, 2004

The New! Boing!Boing! 2.0! is a nice, pleasant-to-read layout, with all of the former content and then some.

With the exception of Best Blogs. A loss that is made less by half of them pointing to redirection pages that were already two years old. So, in the spirit of bestness, or at least blogs that are interesting and we got to like them quite a bit becasue we were exposed to them easily, here they are:

News of the Dead
Making Light
Irregular Orbit
Follow Me Here
Batelle’s Searchblog
Due Diligence

Kottke’s retina-blast
the NullDevice
OddBall comicbook of the Day

I may be missing one or two, still. I don’t recall those that had been non-updated for a long time…

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