June 18th, 2004


Piet is a programming language in which programs look like abstract paintings. The language is named after Piet Mondrian, who pioneered the field of geometric abstract art.

This program prints the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. It is shown at 1 pixel per codel, and twice at 121 pixels per codel.

June 18th, 2004


via Veer.

June 18th, 2004

Jesse’s Bookmarklets Site

Courtesy Eli the Bearded.

June 18th, 2004

Q: Why does Philip Glass write music?

A: Because Glass is a poor conductor.

June 18th, 2004

Achewood goes Southron Gothic

They’s wemt, in the fire.

All souls was taken then.

All souls did burn.

Two dark and cryptic episodes, follwed by two bright-and-cheery Phillipe-for-President episodes, and then back to the gloom and humidity.

You know, way back when, they all used to be a bunch of toys.

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