April 12th, 2004 :: a part of the network

Tell us where you are, and we’ll broadcast your location to all your friends and let you know if any friends-of-friends are within 10 blocks.

This, my friends, is why I only use the String Can Telephone.

April 12th, 2004

COURTTV.COM – Reporters told to erase audio recordings of Scalia speech to high school students
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April 12th, 2004

four shots from my new Gameboy Camera:

Haven’t quite gotten the hang of the thing, yet. did find out that the printer arrived with a roll of “sticker paper” in it. Replacing it (only when it ran out, not when I achieved satori) resulted in better prints. Please keep in mind that the print-outs are roughly the size of a postage stamp. I have darkened most of the four pictures above.

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