April 7th, 2004

“You Shall Know The Truth And It Shall Set You Free!”

Did you know humanity is living in the “END TIMES?” Did you know the “INTERNATIONAL BANKERS” control each of us in one degree or another? Do you realize that “BIBLICAL PROPHECY” is evolving right before our eyes? Have you ever wondered why “HUMANITY HAS BECOME MORE EVIL IN OUR SOCIETY?” Did you know the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012? Did you know “SECULAR HUMANISM and the OCCULT POSSESS AMERICA?” Did you know “JUDGEMENT IS RAPIDLY COMING?” Why is it many LEADERS in BUSINESS and GOVERNMENT have LIED or EMBEZZLED money from their companies or the “TAX PAYERS”? Why is it “JOB SECURITY” no longer exists in America? Why is it the “LEGAL SYSTEM” protects the guilty and makes the “INNOCENT SUFFER?” Why are “BELIEVERS IN JESUS” being “PERSECUTED?” Are “UFO’S” real? What do the SCRIPTURES DECLARE concerning SEX and TATTOOING of ONE’S BODY? Is there such a thing as a RAPTURE? Is there LIFE AFTER DEATH? What does the HOLY BIBLE have to say concerning WEALTHY PEOPLE, LAWYERS and CARNAL BELIEVER’S IN YAHSHUA (JESUS)? Did you know AMERICA IS BANKRUPT and INTEREST is the only thing keeping it going? Why is it the FAMILY UNIT IS DISAPPEARING? Did you know a ONE WORLD ORDER is fast approaching? Why are people and animals being MICROCHIPPED? Did you know in the days of Noah, Lot, Sodom & Gomorrah, these civilizations were destroyed for the very same reason AMERICA will be punished not long from now by God? SEXUAL PERVERSION, THE LOVE OF MONEY, IDOL WORSHIP, REJECTION OF (YHVH) GOD, RAPE, ROBERY and MURDER are some of the reasons AMERICA WILL LOSE ITS WORLD POWER STATUS. Why are “TV EVANGELISTS AND OTHER CLERGY” more concerned about your money than “SAVING LOST SOULS?” God will judge them twice fold at the Judgment!


Rick Thorne is a Messianic Minister, Creative Writer and Professional Photographer. His books are self published. This opportunity provides Rick with complete creative control. This practice supplies spiritual seekers with the unblemished truth concerning life, death and spiritual upliftment. If you can handle the truth order his books Now!

all this, and animated GIFs, too!!!

April 7th, 2004

Wearing Mondrian
Clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags, watches and pens. some people just like collecting certain things….

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