April 5th, 2004

slightly new look for the blog — it’s a CSS-based layout instead of table.

translation: who cares

Well, hopefully, this will make the page look more consistent, decrease page-load times, and just be better over-all. For one thing, that right-side title-index should always appear in the proper place.

For some reason, the Google-button code breaks the width in IE (5.5, anyway). so you IE people will have to put up with sonfusion for the next day or so. Until I figure it out, or give up & go back. AAAAaaaargh.

In the meantime, I’ve shrunk the text in the button so it doesn’t throw off the layout; all other workarounds have failed, and I can’t find >any< commentary on unusual button widths. It is affection both IE 5.5 on ME and IE 6.0 on 2000. So who knows. Also, it screws up the bottom margin of the yellow-div, too. So, the moral of this story, IE users, is use Mozilla or some browsers that correctly renders HTML and CSS. errrr, or maybe that the designer has to learn to work with bad browsers. something like that

ally found something that used inlinse CSS width styling to hand the, er, width. it works. But the margins are still wacky. later

April 5th, 2004

Bob Schweitzer’s bookworks shop now has a web-presence at ACP Books online. Preliminary, and growing, changing….. but stop in and see him sometime!

April 5th, 2004

Trengove Studios Inc.

Trengove Studios creates a wide variety of models, props and styling products for photography, film and video. Our custom splashes and ice are unsurpassed. We have a large selection of artificial foods and chemicals for ice, smoke, steam and foam. And we have a large inventory of unusual handmade models available for rent.

see previous entry on fake foods.
via The Paintings of Steve D’Angelo

April 5th, 2004

we [heart] courteny

GLUEKIT: we love illustrations.
via the ever-resourceful blanco

April 5th, 2004

George Bernard Shaw gets an Xradiograph taken

… It seems to me, looking at myself, that I am a remarkably superior person, when you compare me with other writers, journalists, and dramatists; and I am perfectly content to put this down to my abstinence from meat. That is the simple and modest ground on which we should base our non-meat diet. . . .”
I was told that my diet was so poor that I could not repair the bones that were broken and operated on. So I have just had an Xradiograph taken; and lo! perfectly mended solid bone so beautifully white that I have left instructions that, if I die, a glove stretcher is to be made of me and sent to you as a souvenir. – Letter to Mrs.Patrick Campbell

Please note the proper xradiograph terminology used by this man of letters. How sad that I so often fail to emulate his shining example.

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