February 11th, 2004

I’ve got a cheap digital camera, and I’m not afraid to use it!!!

Last week I got a 2″x2″x3/4″ camera in the mail, a refurbished SiPix Blink II. It was $20, $6 s&h, with a $20 rebate (that I’m still waiting for). In other words, I will have paid $6 for the thing when all is said and done. Its max resolution is 640×480 (0.3-megapixel!), has a lower-res mode, continuous mode (15/sec, I think, and an even lower mode available), indoor exposure, and “outdoor” exposure–which may be intended for quicker shots in bright light–but ends up taking loooooong exposures in the absence of light. Oh, and its got 8megs hidden away in there, and a USB port. So, while the color sensitivity is a little funny, the lens is a piece of crap, and everything is a wee tad fuzzy, it’s a great little toy. At twice the price ($12), it’d still be a bargain. Oh, and did I mention it came with a “fashion neck strap” [clear-blue with glitter inside], USB cable, simple photo software [amusing but functional, and easier to navigate than The Gimp], and a little thingy to set it atop your computer as a webcam. Only the software freezes on my WinME machine. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I’ve been taking some pictures, and they’re over in Make It Snappy 2 and Make It Snappy 3.

Aha! Seems I’m not alone in this fondness for crappy opto-electronics: Tiny Cams!! found via Ted Felix’s JamCam 2.0 review.

UPDATE Fri Feb 13
The RevJimWiki had/has a long thread on hacking the disposable Dakota Digital Camera. Which is a pretty cheap camera. But it has a flash! :::jealousy:::

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