October 8th, 2003

String Can Telephone:

You will need:

2 tin cans with one hole punched in bottom

How to:

1) Prior to the meeting, punch a hole in the bottom of each tin can using a nail and a hammer.
2) Thread string through hole in bottom of can and knot.
3) Pull string taut to ‘talk’ over the telephone.

Need more StringCanPhone? Join the tribe!
Let’s Talk Science! gives you the history and science.
food for thought: another Half-Bakery project.
from the brightly-colored folks at DK books.: ADULT HELP ADVISED. uses a button
PBS Zoom instructions, with kids’ feedback. uses paperclips.
Panasonic answers that important question: How do string phones work?
So does How Stuff Works. actually, so do most of these links.
Mike, aka Mr. Engineer, has produced a movie on making a “wireless phone,” and warns “Tin cans can be VERY sharp.”
Check out his other movies!
Moms and Dads, take note!: A Moment of Science
this spring-phone “Works better than the string version you had as a kid.” Although they note it’s in bad condition.
This set of stock photo images of cellphones includes kids on tin can phone.
Another stock photo.
Thing BIGGER: the Bucket Phone.
Even Alltel thinks they’re a good idea.
Tammy thinks they are only make believe telephones, but a good art project, nonetheless.
But MIT says it enables spoken communication between two spacially separated people in an elegant and amazingly simple way.

Incubus put them in their Anti-Gravity Love Song.
These nitpickers don’t think the network shown in 3 Ninjas would work. Nor is it hi-tech “because it’s connected to a rotating pole.”
Professor Putter has put together a tin-can Telefax. Perhaps.
Michael Morgan thinks you could use them marketing (scroll down).
Wired had a proposal for a worldwide tin-can phone network.
It’s CAT 5 compliant and is easily upgradeable to CAT 6!
Commando Theater!. They also like to Saran-wrap cars.
Jen Allen used one in this exhibit.
Building one might just help you to understand the communication evolution.
They’re perfect to put into your tent.
And handy when you’re in a Medieval Gameshow.
And definitely feature in a typical 1940s Boy’s room.

Okay. Who’s ready for the QUIZ.

If you’d like to manufacture your own papercups (for better quality control?), Alok Enterprises can set you up.

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