September 22nd, 2003

not a real ebay email, its an e-scam! is a legit ebay site, but while the jpeg shows this, it actually send you somewhere else.
clicking on the image (view title for “real” link info) gets you to

Go to OcalasMostWanted for the scoop.

UPDATE! 10.20.03 a different variation (with interstitial text) over at Sercurity Forums.

UPDATE 01.27.04 Suspicious of the address-bar and want to check the location of where you’re really at? Try this JavaScript code [that I found…somewhere]:

javascript:alert(%22The real URL of this site is: %22 + location.protocol + %22//%22 + location.hostname + %22/%22);

Make a shortcut for your toolbar with the info, then click any time you’re feeling antsy….

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