September 18th, 2003

NPR : Fashion Industry Copes with Designer Knockoffs

Some clothing designers are watching this week’s fashion shows in New York with an eye to knocking off their competitors’ designs. Like the music industry, the fashion business is rife with unauthorized copying. But it’s relatively free of infringement lawsuits like the ones the major record labels recently filed.

As NPR’s Rick Karr reports: ‘If you find yourself attracted to, say, a handbag in an upscale Soho boutique but it costs too much, head a few blocks south to Canal Street. You’ll probably find the design that caught your eye on a table on the sidewalk selling for a lot less: A knockoff of a $600 Prada bag, for example, goes for around 100 bucks.”

My favorite quote, not appearring in the printed version, has the commenter calling Canal Street “the Kazaa of the Fashion Industry.”

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