September 16th, 2003 : Whence?: “the history of the toaster is the history of 20th Century Cultural Trends and Industrial Design”

ICS toaster museum: yeah, there’s at least TWO of ’em!

furious toaster: a blog. not updated since May. oh, well.

Bakelite & Toaster museum: ooh, a third! plus that brittle plastic stuff! (hint: don’t click the English flag).

Another hint:don’t leave your pop-tarts in the toaster and walk away. and a variation.

a moron’s guide to toast

toaster pastry resources

somebody had a conversation with my toaster. well, their toaster.

a bunch of ways to make toast

a nice simple way to make toast, by Jenna. Thank you, Jenna.

buy a toaster on ebay.

in the past, I pined for a Hello Kitty toaster.
Now I can’t wait for the return of vaudeville.

September 16th, 2003

Company That Cloned Sheep to Sell Assets and Shut Down: “Dolly, the sheep created in 1996 with cells taken from a frozen ewe, was euthanized in February after a lung infection that might have been the result of spending too much time inside. Dolly has been stuffed and is on display at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh.”

September 16th, 2003

A Disco Legend Returns, Without His Feathers: “I would go to the all-night grocery store and pretend that I was at Studio 54 because it was the only place open all night. Truman Capote in the frozen foods. Andy Warhol over in vegetables.'”

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