September 4th, 2003

weird & various ways to find xradiograph Part III

Miss Nude Galaxy: sigh.
Telengard remake: this one, I’m proud of.

And you don’t need to tell me–by putting these on here I’m raising my chances of hits even higher. So sue me. It’s a change from all the “hat pictures” hits I get. There was a nice variation, today.

September 4th, 2003

Duct Tape Forever! PBS Extras: scroll down to find my kid sister, AnnMarie (yeh, two caps, no space). My brother-in-law is elsewhere on the page: Eric Johnson.

September 4th, 2003

weird & various ways to find xradiograph Part II

John Bromberg puppets: actually wish I had more on John. had hip re-replacement surgery last week
   Well, now I do: The Young Person’s Guide to John Bromberg
bored x-ray techs: I get this one every now and then
Pictures for sleep wear
native drawings of fawns
pictures of a normal size antartic squid: I blogged the giant one a few months back.
recipe chinchorro sauce
miniature lighted monster figures
“joel score”
pig with wings
pictures of hats including what they are made from
Matrix Re-loaded Cam
gallery hungry bigger boops
“patagonian toothfish” photo image mouth of
ruler of the han dynasty tv series: I didn’t even know the tv series HAD a ruler!
giant labia pictures: no comment.
archeologists scranton: well, I’ve got (popular) Mystic Astronomers, if that’ll help.
papyrus of the undying text: some texts die, some are undying. some deserve to be forgotten.
birth and death of Kasimir Malevich
“the man without a past” christian: the movie, I get. the second part???
“knee high socks” fall 2003
egyptian drawings of servants
Diana the Huntress Egyptian God
Jimmy Connors, Mayor Scranton, PA
PORN THUMBNAILS: if “Safe Search” is on, I’m as good as it gets.
“northeast current” Baldino

September 4th, 2003

Pete’s Wacky Wiener World

I’m a fan of Coney Island Lunch on Scranton’s Lackawanna Ave. “Two Texas Weiners, Cheese Fries, & a Large Birch Beer” is one of my favorite meals. I hadn’t noticed this page on their site before:

Making wieners is not a hard job. I’ve been doing it for 30 years now. If it was hard, I would have stopped years ago. This page will show some of the things I go through in my pursuit to make the perfect wiener! Not every day comes up a bowl of roses. Check back here often and see what’s up.

September 4th, 2003

Wilkes-Barre Online: The man that knew it all, ran it all, and then threw it all away.

[Wilkes-Barre’s] financial picture is rosy? Yeah!!! And the Mothra twins got falling down drunk on a bottle cap full of Rolling Rock in 1977 and slept with me. Godzilla is a HUGE Bay City Rollers fan. Rhodan was the original lead guitar player in The 1910 Fruitgum Company before becoming an in demand Carol Channing impersonator. Megalon is now a U.S. Congressman from Louisiana. (Don’t laugh too quick. That one is entirely possible.) And Gorgo finally retired from stomping on cheezy miniature movie sets and is currently a pansexual newt-herder living a quiet life off the coast of Wales.

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