August 10th, 2003

Telengard. Commodore 64. On the B&W TV in my bedroom, South Dakota, 1984.
I spent a lot of playing playing this time-waster. Then I opened up the
basic code and set it so my stats were top-of-the-line. Which is cheating.
But I could finally go up against that Level 64 Vampire…..

The Telengard Tribute Page (with docs, etc.)

PC remake: faithful to the C64 gameplay. I downloaded this past week and have wasted more time on it (as much as on Bumplist? well, not yet….. I’m workin’ on it)

Google-cache for a page that also reminisces, and has a
note from the original programmer.

Random Tavern-name generator. For hardcore Telengard geeks only.

www.Telengard.com is registered somewhere, but the “document contains no data!”

Telengard (as well as LARN) falls into a category of “Rogue-like” games.

Okay, so this supposedly qualifies me as a geek. But I’ll have you know I
scored less than 17% on the Geek Test!

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