August 7th, 2003

South Beach Disco: It’s a dizzying array of pop-up windows, frantic animation, error messages, spam, porn, and the worst of what the web can be…all starting out innocently enough…until you curiously begin to click. Not work-friendly heh-heh-heh.


August 7th, 2003

Recall Gary for Governor!: “With straight talk such as this, we immediately realized that we had made the right choice. Gary is a natural leader. Here is a man who could finally bring California out of the wilderness, whose innate nobility and common sense would save us all. Compared to Coleman, Gray Davis is just a whore for campaign contributions. Darrell Issa is a pistol-packin’ hustler playing at being a congressman. Bill Simon is, well, Bill Simon. And Dick Riordan couldn’t even beat Simon in last year’s primary. We knew then and there that Gary Coleman stood head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field”

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